The next few posts will define the stern portion of the ship and convert the lines shown here into a surface. Your build gives me the idea that the initial stage of drafting in 2D is unnecessary and it could be done straight away in 3D. I was told that the best solution would be to draft plans in 2D, export them into a 3D application. By the way my surfing on the web seeking answers to the above led me to believe that Rino was the only app capable of doing what you are doing with Sketchup.
I have many years of usage of the program, but I have paid for mine in order to resolve the issue of resolution and printing. SketchupModeler, gee thanks --- I'm a little disappointed that i have to still keep looking for the Holy Grail, ie a cheap program which can do everything including scratching your back!

Nonetheless I'll still keep watching your build with interest as it is fascinating, Maybe it'll throw light on what I want. Once registered and logged in, you will be able to create topics, post replies to existing threads, give reputation to your fellow members, get your own private messenger, post status updates, manage your profile and so much more. I'd asked on another thread for a step-by-step practicum on 3D CAD ship modelling and had forgotten that this thread is exactly that!
Then I realised that the latter part of the drafting could be done in 3D which could be used to fair out and remove any a€?bumpsa€? from the resulting curves, thus producing smooth curves for the final plan. Your finding flaws between the lines in the AOTS drawing and your build bears this out- that it is possible. Ia€™m asking this because I always thought that Sketchup had problems dealing with curves especially Splines.

Extrude and render them in 3D, correct the flaws and then reuse the CAD program to loft the final set of plans. I've also been struggling with the stern of my longboat as the body plan didn't show all the stations so I'm trying to compute the shape of the frames from waterlines -- but so far failing.

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