Hi All, This was a two year long odyssey, most of which was finished in the month of January as I had a lot of time off work.This is the best model kit I've ever had the pleasure of building. Developed with the talent and dedication of model ship builders like you, this website is designed to be the first port of call for the model shipwright. Model Ship World  currently has FIVE group projects underway for various skill levels. Fujimi's kitSince everyone makes the Akagi with Zero fighters ,type 99 dive bombers and type 97 level bombers,I want my work a little bit different but I don’t know if the Akagi really had the experience taking the type90 fighters and 89 torpedo bombers. When the Rotterdam Lloyd had to end its liner service on the Amsterdam -Jakarta route in 1958 Willem Ruys was rebuild for a round the world service with needed more internal volume, more glassed in decks and some extra lifeboats.
After two rebuilds Blokland Visser's magnum opus was still a magninficent liner and her loss in 1994 was a great loss for liner lovers all over the world.
Just a comment on a previous post on this thread.Regarding what models a company will produce is driven by only one factor. This has been an on-off project for a couple of years since I busted up my knee in a football accident very early in 2012. The ship is portrayed as commissioned, and represents the look of the Fletcher when she went on shakedown trials in July 1942.
All pics courtesy of Farnborough IPMS website, taken by the polymath Dr Flangemeister! Thanks very much you guys!Cracking portrayal of beautiful shipIt is a very handsome design.
We have today from the Vikings the twelve man jury system and our weekdays Tuesday through Friday are named for their gods.
I give this a pass for this kit because its skill level is given as 'Advanced Beginner' and more experienced modelers can use the plastic pieces as patterns for the use of more exotic materials. Construction is plank on bulkhead clinker-built (over lapping plank) for the hull itself and ramin wood strips for the deck planks.
New Feature - Search the Forum's Amazon Associate without leaving the Forum's Site.Select from the drop down menu, enter your keyword(s) and hit "GO"! Fellow Shipmates', if you like this website, and would like to give something in return, you can make a donation (Please, small donations). Ship Modeling Forum - A web site forum devoted to the handcrafting of model ships and boats. Practically flawless fit, beautiful mouldings and clever, well-designed construction with sensible instructions and build progression. I'm sure they will lead to the required info for me somewhere.Jose, that would be great if you could.
And you've just overtaken my Kungsholm project so I'm not complaining about your building speed.
Lengthening the stem did re-balance the design a little and the general clean up of the side by putting all lifeboats at a single deck restored some of the balance of the ships ' look. X hit the straw that broke the camels back by changing his listed interests to items that were blatantly offensive. He annoyed me and I didn't agree with a lot of what he said, but I believe that any time a user gets kicked we all lose in one way or another. The Eduard Big Ed set saw to those deficiencies, along with some scratchbuilding of searchlight mounts, deckhouse details and hose reels.

The whole class really made a nuisance of itself in the Pacific, particularly at Leyte Gulf. I like it too ! This kit best represents the Viking ship on display in the Oslo, Norway museum from the other commercially available kits I have seen, and in my opinion, is an overall winner. I think it would be absolutely fantastic to see that scroll carving done in bone or ivory but these are skills and resources I do not possess.
Use of a scroll saw is highly recommended as all of the hull planking are cut to shape from sheets, instead of bending strip stock. You always seem to be helping out with my ships' funnels: First the Normandie then the Michelangelo and now the Doria!I've already tried looking through my PE box and I'm thinking of using 3 lengths of ships railings placed vertically and superglued together.
My name is Rob and have been building RC models for 30 years, mainly scale aircraft, but have also built model boats. More detail, for starters, plus I have access to new sites and plans for larger models and line drawings for her.
I'm not sure of Daniel would like to see them published here but you can pm me if you're interested in building City of Panama. The sheer size and scale almost put me off it for months on end, and it seemed it would never get finished, but a late burst this autumn saw it finally completed. Another way you can help to support the Forum is to purchase custom designed gifts from the Forum's Ships' Store, or shop for items in the Forum's Amazon Store. The pictures show that the grille on the Doria was in 3 sections with thicker vertical members between. It's making the drawing process a lot easier for me at the moment.Here is one thing I found very useful.
It looks wonderful, I wish I had the talent, skill and patience to pull off such a scratchbuild. Although most anthropologists as of 2010 had come to the conclusion they did not,[1][2][3] in 2011, new genetic evidence was uncovered by Erik Thorsby that Easter Island inhabitants do have some South American DNA,[4] lending credence to at least some of Heyerdahl's theses.
The ship is painted in WEM Colourcoats enamel for the camouflage (5-H Haze Gray, 5-O Ocean Gray and 5-N Navy Blue), the black is Lifecolour acrylic, the hull is Halfords red primer. We also have a New Feature - Search the Forum's Amazon Associate without leaving the Forum's Site. The top and bottom rails of the 3 lengths of PE railing will become the thicker vertical members - well that's the idea at least. The model will be just over 11 feet in length and 23 inches wide, it's only a static model but have built rather large models of aircraft for a museum I'm a member of so it's not a first time project of this size for me. As you said long time ago this people are trolls, so they must be removed in a definitive way, without more explanations. His aim in mounting the Kon-Tiki expedition was to show, by using only the materials and technologies available to those people at the time, that there were no technical reasons to prevent them from having done so. Instructions that are included are minimal as the attempt to translate into as many languages as possible limits the scope of the text, but with careful study I found the illustrations to be complete and well done. I think it will work.I'll have to carve out the top section of the funnel in order to build the inside and then form a cowl around the top. A trip from Rotterdam to Jakarta took about two weeks so there was plenty of time for such a competition.
Although the expedition carried some modern equipment, such as a radio, watches, charts, sextant, and metal knives, Heyerdahl argued they were incidental to the purpose of proving that the raft itself could make the journey.A  A  The Kon-Tiki expedition was funded by private loans, along with donations of equipment from the United States Army.

Secondly, Billing Boats will disappoint some modelers by invariably putting into their kits balsa(oh, no!) and plastic (unthinkable)!
I'm after as much photographic detail (close ups) as possible and any hints or tips any of you can pass onto me regarding the construction of the model.
Heyerdahl and a small team went to Peru, where, with the help of dockyard facilities provided by the Peruvian authorities, they constructed the raft out of balsa logs and other native materials in an indigenous style as recorded in illustrations by Spanish conquistadores. Despite the longer drying time required for enamels, these Colourcoats are the best paints I have ever used, and I was so happy with them, I spazzed about £60 on the full range! No balsa in this kit, which is good, but the detail scroll carvings on the bow and stern and the shields along the sides are plastic. The Hull will be built from balsa and ply and the outside of the hull will be fibeglassed for strength. Heyerdahl and five companions sailed the raft for 101 days over 6900 km (4,300 miles) across the Pacific Ocean before smashing into a reef at Raroia in the Tuamotu Islands on August 7, 1947. As for the deck and all other parts, again mainly balsa, ply, plasticard and aluminium will be used. The crew made successful landfall and all returned safely.A  A  Thor Heyerdahl's book about his experience became a bestseller.
The decision to place the lifeboats at main deck level was probably taken by Blokland Visser. The decision to place the lifeboats at main deck level was probabaly taken by Blokland Visser.
A documentary motion picture about the expedition, also called Kon-Tiki was produced from a write-up and expansion of the crew's filmstrip notes and won an Academy Award in 1951. This is a scratch built model and wanted to build it in a size that was not already produced. I know their are parts and bits ready available to certain scale but would reduce the challenge of building her from scatch substancially.
Most of the large models I've built for the museum are of a scale that is not common so have had to build all parts from scratch and calculated measurements from the full size. The 1964 rebuild as Achille Lauro changed the foc'sle and part of the the lifeboat positions.
The plans will be drawn up by myself as again have had much experiance in doing this with my aircraft, but even with all this experience it will still be the first time for me to build a model ship of this size, so any help, please feel free to pass it over.The construction isn't yet underway but the research and painstaking task of measurements and calculations are.
Anyone who wants to do AL in her 1985 version (maybe not so nice to the Klinghoffer family but I've seen stranger things) will also need to take the early 1970's covering of the forward promenade into account. I'm making comprehensive notes and writing all calculations down plus I'm using an AutoCad program on my PC to help with the construction of her. I am putting this all in writing as I'm working things out and as the model progresses, will also be making a guide to building the Tirpitz in this scale as an intension of producing a plan or kit of this model for sale possibly in the future.
Even if the plans are published, I'm sure it will be a great guide for those who chose to build the model for themselves in the future.I will be posting regularly on this site, updates of the build with photographs for you all to follow, but will imagine it's gonna be a long time in the building so hope you all have the time and patience to see it too the end.

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