Beavertail Motors at Black Duck Outfitters: Maryland Duck Hunting Guide for Sea Ducks, Canvasbacks, Diver Ducks, Canada Goose hunts, Spring Snow Goose Hunting in Bidding has ended on this item. BPS 6000 Most Powerful Mud Motor Twin Mikuni Carbs on Mag 45 (high performance motor with Mud Buddy 6 month engine warranty (click for details) Includes tune twin Duck Boat mud outboard engines employ a unique design The mud motor is surprisingly simple. Excel Boats – Shallow Water Edition Turns like a bass boat and goes places only a mud boat dares.
Your buddy for mud motors mounted on Four RIvers layout boats, Momarsh Boats, the Otter Outdoors Stealth, or other boats Attention Duck Hunters!
Swamp Stomper Duck Hunting Duck Hunting Boats, Hunting Lights, Duck Boat Blinds, Mud Motors Hunting Gear « Florida Mudmotors Our goal here at Florida Mudmotors is to provide you with comprehensive service, before and after the sale. Hunter's source for custom duck blinds, mud motors, duck boats, excel boats,alweld boats, mud buddy, Gator-Tail and Yamaha Outboards Motors. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. The new 35m Burger Boat yacht design has five staterooms and generous crew quarters but is below 200 gross tons to allow owners the freedom to cruise, unburdened by multiple regulations. Greg Marshall and his team have added a contemporary touch to the 35m Burger Boat classic raised pilothouse superyacht design. Superyacht News Related to "New 35m RPH motor yacht design by Burger Boat Company and Gregory C. 35m Burger RPH Yacht, America, Burger, Burger Boat, Burger Boat Company, Burger Boat Liberty, Burger Boats, Gregory C.
Please contact CharterWorld - the luxury yacht charter specialist - for more on superyacht news item "New 35m RPH motor yacht design by Burger Boat Company and Gregory C.
The only thing I find difficult, is on a very small one the pilot house is small, stuffy, and can be clostrophobic at time. Location: La Florida It sounds like a good boat to get where you are going, which is the point anyway. Originally Posted by hoytedow It sounds like a good boat to get where you are going, which is the point anyway. I should ask also this question to Guillermo, he is the one who has a vaste knoweldge on motorsailer.
Location: La Florida Motorsailers Guillermo would be the better choice, since all my knowledge is small open boats only.
Originally Posted by apex1 Sure not the smallest, but maybe the best looking are the Fisher 32 and her siblings. I started this comment because during the summer I went on a very small home made motorsailer, and the rain started, we went inside the pilothouse and it was to suffy.
Sometime the superstructures take all the space, living a 12" or less side deck and a ridiculus foredeck.
Daniel They made them with a flush deck for commercial fishing, so I guess they are well built.

Originally Posted by apex1 They made them with a flush deck for commercial fishing, so I guess they are well built. Richard I didn't know that, at the matter of fact I thought they didn't build them anymore.
I´m not sure if they build them again, but the original builder was out of business several years ago. Central heat with thermosyphon water radiators (no electric used ), double gymboled stove athwart ships , cold plate refrigeration (2 hours every 3rd day) and Concordia bunks in great aft cabin.Sleeps 4 feeds 8. Hull design is Maurice Griffiths , construction in Airex with Fire Retardant resin (before the pox) and 4 compartment water tight subdivision. Location: USA Wow, if VoltBoats can make that for $2700 they'll sell a lot I think. Location: finland have to agree that the volt kayak is impressive that really is the price point.
It will only work if they get big volume but the only way to get big volume is by competitive pricing. My electric boat development thread seems to have veered off into a speculative advert for what looks suspiciously like an investment scam to me. If this 'volt boat' is so great, why isn't there any real technical information on their website about it? There's no indication the boat exists, the pictures look photoshopped to me and the whole thing looks like an amalgamation of off-the-shelf bits tacked together (I'm guessing the hull is a bog-standard SOT canoe and the motor is a bog-standard trolling motor). This isn't 'efficient' within my definition at the start of this thread, in fact it's probably close to something anyone could bolt together for the price of a rotomoulded SOT, a cheap trolling motor and a leisure battery. The propulsion system is just about ready to go into the hull, with luck it should be fitted this weekend, when I'll add some photos to this thread to bring it up to date. Jeremy Jeremy, I'm also generally suspicious of money forward schemes, so will watch to see how this one develops.
Sorry if I missed this from a previous post, but is the boat meant to be self sustaining over more than one day, should it be travelling in unprotected waters?
The testing was successfull, although the performance is still much behind of what was expected from the calculations.
Location: Italy (Garda Lake) and Croatia (Istria) The keel and the motor casing in front of the prop are too thick and create turbulence, imho. No wonder it works better when running backwards, imho, when the prop is fed by the clean waterflow. This may be because people are unaware of the range of motors available and the many appropriate types of boats for such motors. Electric Yacht Propulsion Systems are COST_EFFECTIVE 1) being able to just turn the motor on for very short What many boats look like “under the hood.” Find all the manufacturers of Electric motor and contact them directly on Nauticexpo. Prior to bringing our motor down to the boat, we assembled the motor to the frame, clamped it to the workbench and connected the batteries to test it.

What you are purchasing is a 32 page instruction manual with a 122 pictures of how we built our own in a step by step MaD Mud Motor Plans Build your own long tail Mud Motor or small boat motor. Thanks to its unique design, a mud motor is capable of navigating a duck boat laden with hunters, dogs and gear through the Mud Duck Boat Company, Inc. We go out of our way to make Also known as Beavertails, gator tails, mud motors, shallow water outboards, and duck hunter motors. Burger is expected to present other 27m, 30.48m, as well as 38m raised pilothouse designs in the near future.
We have crewed charter boats in the favourite yachting hotspots in the Mediterranean and Caribbean as well as worldwide locations. The lack of deck space is also difficult, when you have good weather, in the very small one you ave no comfortable space outside due to the proeminent superstructures.
We have some around here and the size seams to be right at 32', and they looks very purposeful and well built. Related gear including batteries, chargers, inverter-chargers, DC to DC converters, and solar panel arrays. Experience the joy of owning an electric sailboatthe mystical quality of moving silentlythe fishing advantagespower tackingelectric motor sailing in light air Anybody have any feedback on one of these? Motenergy ME0909 Brush-Type Permanent Magnet Electric Motor 24-48 VDC 4 HP 3,984 Rugged brushless 48 and 24 volt electric motor Motor controller Belt-driven reduction and services to help you select, design, install, and maintain your Electric Sailboat. Unit in video looks like a beta test unit, kind of cobbled up but obviously nicely thought out and I'm loving the battery options. Report: outside forum guidelines Find great deals on eBay for boats electric motor and electrical boats. Electric Boat Motors – Elco produces fully integrated electric inboard boat motors and drives. BUT you could mount an electric trolling motor through a vertical tube just big enough for the aluminum tube that connects the control head and submersible motor, connect a cheap small tiller autopilot hooked up to one of many available small gps units and you'd have something that could be retrofitted to any largish kayak.
Unlike any other electric boat motor on the market, this particular electric boat motor has 11 hours of run time, can easily push a 28,000 pound sailboat We convert gas and sel sailboats to clean quiet green electric power.
It used to be my horse but the rich guys on Wall Street stole all the money and I had to eat him. I signed up with sailboatowners because I read some comments about electric auxiliary power on, I believe the Beneteau forum. They hauled butt upwind towing others, all loaded with extras in full costume, at night, in the rain.
The vertical tube of the motor was shortened quite a bit and a special low thwart built inside to take the top of the glassed-in steel (this is a movie job) tube that comes up a bit above the waterline.

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