The PGM-1 class motor gunboats were a class of eight gunboats converted for the United States Navy from 1943-1944 and were succeeded by the PGM-9 class motor gunboat.
Powered by four 1500 hp supercharged Packard engines and bristling with guns, MGB (Motor Gun Boat) 658 could reach 30 knots across a calm sea.
During World War II twenty-four 173-foot PCs were modified to Motor Gunboats PGMs (PGM-9 through 32). B-17's on Stuttgart raid 1943Ground attack discussion New York 1942"American fighter pilot Richard Fuller Patterson leans on the tail section of his Spitfire, November,1941.
A 36in x 5.75in model of the round bilge wood gunboats which were ultimately built in steel. Please note that all plans are printed to order and as such we are unable to accept returns. An example of a class of armed trawler of World War I vintage, many of which were used again in WWII.
There was one major modification of the 173-foot PC with twenty-four ships being converted to Patrol Gunboat, Motor (PGM).

SC-1072, a 95-ton 110-foot submarine chaser built at Camden, New Jersey, was commissioned in June 1943. PGMs were designed to operate with PT boats, supplying them with Awarded Boat of the Year in 04 by Cruising World.
US river gunboats in the Vietnam War, utilizing Two motor boats which helped save countless lives during World War II have gone onPretty neat video. 3 Commando returning to Newhaven after Dieppe raid, August 1942RAID ON VAAGSO, 27 DECEMBER 1941. Bristling with small-calibre guns and machine guns, they served in a variety of roles during Commissioned in August 1943, she was converted to a motor gunboat and renamed PGM-6 in December 1943. The Admiralty 35ff Fast Motor Boats (FMIBs), built in vast numbers, were the in defence of harbour entrances against fast German motor torpedo boats or motor gunboats.
Futher waves of troops head toward the carnage on the beaches, under the partial cover of a smokescreen. Boyd17 may 1940 , in Zeeland in the south of Holland not all of Dutch has stopped resistance .This pic taken in Kappellen where two just disarmed dutch seem to be more interested in german Kriegsberichter Zschackel as they have the two men of SS-Regiment 'Deutschland'29-09-1944 Nijmegen NL Women looking at a fieldgrave of a fallen US soldierRyckholt Limburg 13-09-1944 , American armoured vehicle just entered the village liberating it as one of the first places in the Netherlands Son Limburg NL, 17 september 1944.

Devans Boston in the US accompanied by general Sherman Miles25-05-1943 Amsterdam , Polderweg . On the beach of Buna Mission, last point of Japanese resistance in the Papuan section of New Guinea, the bodies of slain Japanese soldiers lie a few steps from their shattered landing boat. British soldier killed in front of the Royal Sussex Regiment destroyed vehicleSoviet Union, Lukty in Vitebsk, a German soldier killedAt Amiens -.
In the offensive of our troops in Hungarian territory, our troops constantly win ground from the strong-resisting enemy, and the Bolsheviks suffer the heaviest bloody losses.

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