With the addition of a Minn Kota electric motor, the drift boat fisherman can add new entries to the playbook, which can only be a benefit.
Motor Recommendations We recommend a shaft length of Long (20 inches) for all of our drift boats (Unless you have a transom cut-out).
ClackaCraft did several modifications that together allowed a drift boat to scoot along at about 23mph with a 15hp motor Drift boats require no motor, but a trolling motor can be added if you choose. This year LaMoyne sent me the new Hyde Power Drifter 18a€? with the Evinrude E-Tec 60hp jet. Playing devil's advocate, one has to note that there are a gazillion jonboats being regularly used with complete satisfaction (one images), mostly by people with limited experience and for whom boats are pure tools.
I like the Atkin, very much; but a cheap jonboat would probably be perfectly satisfactory for your purposes.
It sure sounds like you're using the boat like a drift boat, so you might want to take a look at some of those designs if you'll be in shallow water at times. Lots of drift boats out there with outboards, not to mention many similar designs for doing just what you've said you want to do - drift down and motor back up. You will eventually want something much bigger, and eventually will probably not be that long off.
To answer your question - yes a hull with a flat run aft will plane - given sufficient horsepower - and move you upstream quicker. Just dreaming here but I even thought of putting an inboard in the front of the drifter (in the link I posted above) and running the shaft to the stern. Well now that you've eliminated all my functional excuses, the only one I have left is where to put it until the third car at my house goes off to college in August.

It is common knowledge that drift boats only go 8-9 mph no matter what size motor is WaterShed 16XL Drift Boat build in a transom motor Drift Boats for sale from boat dealers, owners, and brokers. To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. Thorne is correct that the downside of motoring a boat with more rocker will be more than offset by the advantages of drifting in the same boat.
One question you might ask: do I want to lug an outboard big enough to plane my boat up and down those same banks you mention? It had enough power to move my old ten foot pram acorss flat water with two people on board but I have not tested it on the river. Delivery available from Sandpoint 1med cool mesh type3 PFD vests (never worn) plus 1 throwable type 4 PFD, motor So I have the drift boat – and I am loving life right now. Clackacraft, I would like to put a motor on it from time to time for tide holders,seat configurations and a motor mount.
Although Chatterbox is 56 inches wide I am concerned about leaning over the edge to haul a fish or an anchor aboard. You can see she's not dawdling - even though Jerry has got his fat caboose parked well aft. Now I am pretty sure that the Honda will not cause the Chatterbox to plane, with one person, but I was thinking the lack of a rear rocker would help in some way against the current.
Maybe my eyes are deceiving me but that drift boat reminds me of a Rapid Robert, which had very little rear rocker. However, I want to get that puppy out as much as possible, which may eventually involve stillwater.

All drift boats have multiple layers of fiberglass with extra fiberglass on the inner and outer chine area. Nothing special just an eight foot car topper I can toss up to get through some very shallow creeks to lakes that are barely fished. Clearly the electric motor did not have enough power to counteract the effects of the current. I will let you know how well it works when I get it in the water I plan to run it as a tender to my big boat and power it with a 4hp Johnson.
I have been all over the upper tailwater with this boat and had no problems getting anywhere. We build the TOTAL BOAT WEIGHT = 615 lb: Load Capacity = 750lbs including persons, gear motor Motorized boats are generally allowed on all the larger lakes outside the wilderness are not allowed at all within any of the designated wilderness areas. For bigger (or normal in my case) lakes, I avoid using a jon for the reasons John pointed out. I have had the boat for a year and grease the bearings on the trailer around once a month using the bearing buddies.
But when it comes to skimming through shallow creeks and still having a stable fishing platform I will take a jon any day of the week!

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