If your boat can handle the extra 20 or 30 lbs of the 13 horse motor use it you ought to be able to spin one of mud buddies 10x8 surface piercing prop with a 13 hp motor. More pics, more pics I have been gathering parts for a 10hp long tail, but this really has me interested.
There are a lot of people out there who plan on bugging out to the wilderness after the food and water run out at their home. Sunday, December 25th (Christmas), for Christmas I bought two of my sons a Coleman sleeping bag each, a sleeping pad, and a fleece sleeping bag.  They needed a sleeping bag for our upcoming camping trip, so why not give them a sleeping bag for Christmas. All of the gear was put in the living room next to the front door so it could be loaded in the truck and boat the following morning. A tarp had been left on the boat overnight, that way the boat was not covered with dew the following morning.  The tarp was removed, the gear was then loaded into the boat and truck. While we were waiting for the 4th person of our party to arrive, it was time for some breakfast and a monster low carb energy drink.
My boat was launched first.  The guy holding the bow rope pulled the boat around the deck so my buddy could then launch his boat. Before we left the boat launch, I put on a carhartt jacket, pair of neoprene gloves and a balaclava. Just a short distance down the river from where we were camping at was a slough, this slough was the first place we put some jug lines out at. After we got some jug lines thrown out, we went back to the camp to do some fishing off the bank. Bowfin, also known as a Grindle, Dogfish, Grinnel, Cypress Trout and Mud Fish are one of the few freshwater fish that have teeth.
The time was starting the get a little late.  When the time came to head back to camp, we had jug lines out in three sloughs baited mostly with shrimp and vienna sausage.
After the sun set and the daytime winds died down, a strange clam came over the river.  The skies were clear, which I knew going going to make for a cold night. As the temperature started to drop, I was hoping these untested bags were going to be enough for the cold that was on its way. For dinner it was Ramen noodles (picante flavor).  Several years ago I read that if you eat something with a high salt content just before bedtime, the salt will make you retain fluid over the course of the night.
When I finally crawled my butt out of the warm sleeping bag, a couple members of our group were already up.  The people who had got up before me got the camp fire going from the coals left over from the night before.
Some of the issues we ran into included everything from safe drinking water to personal hygiene.  We used a Katydan Hiker to filter the water, then we used a SteriPEN Traveler to purify the water after it was filtered.
Post your comments in this forum thread about using a 3 day camping fishing trip to test SHTF survival plans. Kevin Felts was born and raised in southeast Texas, graduated from Bridge City high school Bridge City Texas, and attended Lamar College in Port Arthur Texas. Hobbies include fishing, hiking, hunting, blogging, sharing his politically incorrect opinion, video blogging on youtube, survivalism and spending time with his family.
JuniorPre 360 wrote:huh, according to your pics it looks like one of your builds actually inspired me.
Yes, the cup goes in over the cone from the top, seats against a shoulder and the retaining ring locks it in. Hey guys just a quick update on my short tail build, finally got it out for some testing and it was a partial success. On another note I see what everybody means that us home builders are dealing with alot of forces at once in building one of these beasts because these designs seem to have a bit more torgue than a traditional outboard.
Have a few but need some better shots, really busy but I will try to get my women to help me post some up soon.
I have to agree with Turn4Fun the process of threading pipes together could spell disaster. Seems like you could have saved money and time by just getting the MaD Mud Motor Plans off Ebay or ETSY and following them. Wow there are alot of posts.I am 95% finished with my mud motor, so I thought I would put this up.
Support Conservation EffortsHunters and non-hunters alike should support wilderness conservation by both personal actions like conserving natural resources, and by supporting the good work of institutions like Ducks Unlimited. No, the only thing I had the machine shop do was thread one end of the drive shaft and mill a keyway on the other end.
Keep me up with your ideas and quite possibly you might need some alumnium welding on your creations. Hey guys, I'm gathering material to build a long tail and I'm in search of a prop and shaft.
How do you determine the length and angle of the prop driveshaft from the engine driveshaft? Koondog wrote:How do you determine the length and angle of the prop driveshaft from the engine driveshaft?
Location: new zealand Hey guys I'm just new to this website and are not sure how to add new post. Location: midwest I don't want to discourage you, but before you start building get rid of that Featherlite and get something thats at least 30 cc.

Location: EAST IOWA 4-cycle weed trimmer I purchased (on sale) a Sears Craftsman Weedwacker No.
Originally Posted by John O`Neal Ripped off : Hope to have a camera soon capable of downloading to my computer. Location: Texas I am working on something like this too, I have a roybi 31cc weed eater and I hope to put a prop on it to run my 12 ft boat. Location: Lahore, Pakistan Sachs 309 I have a SACHS 309 two stroke engine, starts and runs great. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. I didn't want to post until i had a nice finished product but there has been a lot of interest in mini hyperdrives lately and I would love to see other peoples designs or encourage them to start building to help me improve mine. I used 1x1 angle in all the corners, 6 inch flat bar for the front and back of the box, and 4 inch flat bar for the sides and bottom. The gear ratio was calculated using the pitch diameter of the pulleys and should be close to 1.5. I spent just about all day going over my pack, going over the boat, making sure the lights on the boat worked, hooked the boat trailer to the truck, organizing my food bag,,, just getting everything ready to go. Next time I cook some, I will probably cut down on the amount of water I pour into the pouch. When you first see the Bowfin, you might think you have caught a dinosaur fish, because that is what it looks like. Because of the bulk, I have never taken the bag on a camping trip.  Fast forward to December 2011. Hopefully, by retaining fluid I will not have to get up in the middle of the night and go pee. First, I found that my alum box is too long and needs to be shortened about 3.5 inches or more which sucks because I will need to get a shorter belt now. It has been alot of blood, sweat and tears building this motor and I am not ready to give up yet as I have come this far. Another tip would be to add a bushing to the center of the shaft to add support and prevent warping. I am completely set up for all types of welding, carbon,stainless, aluminum spool( mig) and also tungsten inert gas (tig).
My question is I've got a small featherlite weed eater motor and wanting to make it into a fishing Kontiki. The back of the box has a large slot for the motor shaft while the four other slots match up with threaded holes on the side cover of the motor. An all aluminum one would be much lighter so i look forward to seeing what mailyard can come up with.
The speed was measured with a gps and could be a little off, but the motor pushed the thing scary fast considering the final attack is an 8 foot plastic boat.
This usually includes grabbing the bug out bag and bug out to a wilderness location where they survival can hunt, fish and gather wild foods. With so many clothes on, and my shoes, if something happened that caused me to go into the water, I would have sank like a rock. I recently ordered a compression sack that would compress that extreme cold weather bag down so that it is manageable. Timing belts i have learned threw the process only come in 3 inch increments because of the pitch. Eventually, I would like to tweak the motor too 4,000 rpms but for now I guess it is the factory setting of 3600 rpms. Aluminum on one of t hose things is just about like stopping on a reef, trimming down your 25johnson with aluminum prop and gunning it.. As for seeing you in the marsh, I will keep an eye out for you I`m sure our paths will cross. Any help about its power rating will be appreciated as I want to enter into the arena of weed eater conversion. The slots allow the box to be moved up and down, relative to the motor, to apply tension on the belt. I've been working on another motor but am having trouble with it eating through belts I'll try to post some pictures later.
I Also tried running a tiger 10x8 surface drive prop at 1.5-1 and it staled the motor as soon as the prop hit the water.
Even in the compression sack, the bag is still bulky, but now it can fit into my MOLLE pack. My poncho liner was used to plug the face hole in my sleeping bag; back off to sleep I went. It seems like the weight distribution would be a lot further back than a normal motor?I like the fact that this design uses minimal welding and machining.
Good luck to all who take on one of these projects and kudos to the ones that have and been successful. Trim steel plate was begging for mercy but held up and it would have bent down if it failed me.

Sorry about the poor quality on the videos they were taken with small digital cameras, but at least show that the mini hyper can work! The bearing is flange mounted bearing that uses set screws to lock the shaft in place this bearing handles the axial load (i.e.
Make your plans, test your plans, analyze the results from the test, make improvements on those observations.
By the way just for everybodys info I added the cost up so far and I am up to around 750 to 800 dollar range so still doing ok but have a few more expenses coming. The bushings wont last as long, but they are four bucks a piece and alot easier to install in the shaft housing.
The shaft has a spring that has a steel square pin that goes into the motor and into the porp end. In a recent post a writer asked if the conversion displayed on the layout boat at the Cabelas waterfowl classic was one of yours ?
I work out of town all week with no access to a computer i will try and post a little more info next weekend if people are interested. I totally get what you're saying about the lock collar and bearing cone coming in from the bottom, already seated on the shaft.Also, I agree 110% about grinding a flat spot or notch in the shaft for the lock collar set screw. I have over 50 hours on the one i built and the prop shaft has no play, so I figure the bushings are still holding up.
The 2 bolts welded in the middle are used to attach the box below the motor.The back of the box is 22 inches long. I just assumed that went without saying, but it's very important to specifically mention it.
The bottom of the Final attack is not flat it has 2 inch deep channels to help it track straight. The bottom of the box sits 3 to 4 inches above the bottom of the boat not including the channels and the center of the drive shaft is 3.25 inches higher. This design keeps the box out of the water when the boat planes out but requires a longer shaft and must be run at more of an angle like mud buddy's mini 35. Then late one afternoon at the Four-Rivers wildlife area I followed a layout boat out of the marsh, he was using what I believe to be a unit of your design. This will allow the proper transfer of thrust into the bearing cones and also serve to keep the shaft from walking out the bottom end. The guy was tight lipped, wouldn`t give up an ounce of information, but I had seen what I needed to. However, I must admit that although I designed the drive I had a machine shop do the labor. At this point I decided to build my own version of your designed long shafted weedeater conversion. There were some things I could have done myself like drilling and tapping wholes for set screws, but I have no experience so I had them do it.
There is a lot of room for improvement but if I can build a mini hyperdrive with my very limited shop skills any body can do it.
This was determined based on the height of the transom (layout boat) and a desired shallow entry angle of the prop into the water.
There is 0.01 inch gap between the bearings and the inside wall of the drive shaft tube which does not provide a snug fit.
To further complicate the problem the set screws for the small bearings are on the bottom of the drive shaft housing while the set screws for the end bearing unit are on the top of the end bearing housing.
This leads to slight bearing misalignment and keeps the drive shaft form sliding through the bearings when the set screws are tight.
The misalignment also puts pressure on the end bearing as it heats up really fast when running the motor out of water. Stainless round bar comes a few thousandths large which means it has to be turned down to fit the bearings. The guy at the machine shop said it would take a long time and be expensive to turn the entire shaft down a few thousandths. I cut off 2 pieces each 1" long they will serve as the top bearing and the middle carrier bearing.
I had my buddy who has an end mill square off one end to fit into the engines output receiver.
This allows the prop when under load to press against the inner ball bearing race thus transferring the thrust up the carrier tube to the transom mount, as opposed to up the drive shaft to the engines crank shaft.
Pay heed to Ripped-offs advice and go with the larger cc motors it will save you some frustration. Ripped-offs versions were the first in the water and I certainly don`t intend to imply that I have built a better mousetrap.

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