More shots of the dinghies at the 2006 UK Dinghy Show at Alexandra Palace over the weekend of the 4 and 5 March. The Enterprise - 50 this year - Richard Estaugh and Pete Rowley won the Worlds in Sri Lanka recently. Bruce Kendall takes a look at what he believes Sailing needs to do to survive beyond the 2016 Olympics.
Having won the 420 World Championship in 2000, the feeder class to the 470, while still at school in Australia young Matt Belcher was given the honour of carrying the Olympic flag during the closing ceremony of the Sydney 2000 Olympics.
Mitchell focussed largely on the circumstances of the matter and introduced into the public arena some interesting documents to support his claims.
In 2014, Jake Beattie-the executive director of the Northwest Maritime Center in Port Townsend, Washington, and a few friends hatched the bold idea of a human-powered race to Ketchikan, Alaska, took flight.
Paris Henken and Helena Scutt will be representing the USA at the Rio 2016 Olympics, which will be their first Olympiad.
American’s Paris Henken (20) and Helena Scutt (23) recently won a berth to represent the USA at the Rio 2016 Olympics in the high-performance 49er FX skiff, a goal that the team has been working on for almost three years.
While a host of major sailing events go from strength to strength, the Sailing World Cup has very major issues. Last night my Irish better half was sitting beside me on the sofa watching an Australian version of the popular TV Cooking Program My Kitchen Rules on a tablet with her headphones while I was watching Diehard II for the seventeenth time (it’s a boy thing) on TV. I’m absolutely not going to lay claim to the phrase, but it is insanely apt and hilarious all at the same time, however.
Please note, as our exhibitions change regularly, the boats, objects and pictures featured in this section may not now be on display in the museum.
If you are thinking about giving dinghy sailing a try then we have some useful information. We seek to foster and promote the sport of offshore cruising, and provide opportunities for social meetings, recreation and training.

An online resource for anything that sails from sailing dinghies, trailer sailers, yachts and even rc sailing boats. Norfolk Broads Yacht Club was the place and Friday 6 August was the date for a very special re-launching ceremony.
Jamie Campbell gave a speech of dedication, before Mike’s wife Anne poured champagne over the foredeck to wish this remarkable piece of National Twelve history good sailing.
The following day saw N1 joined by 18 other Vintage dinghies, including the first Enterprise and the first Merlin to be built. It is hoped that Gipsy will be seen on the water at a number of events in 2011, when the National Twelve class will celebrate a very special and remarkable 75th birthday. Milanes Foils have been manufacturing high performance centreboards and rudders since 1975, helping dinghy sailors achieve top results in Olympic and National Classes. Our foils have won Olympic Silver (Finn & FD) and Finn Gold Cup as well as world championships in 420, 505, Contender, Enterprise, Cadet and many other classes. Philip Milanes has retired after more than 40 years designing and manufacturing dinghy & yacht foils.
Milanes Foils will be owned and run by Robert Jenks who has gained a name for himself in making high quality and successful foils while working alongside Phil, and customers can rest assured that the quality of these bespoke foils will be of the same high standard. Phil Milanes is keen to see international & national successes for Milanes Foils maintained for years to come, and is confident that Robert Jenks can uphold the traditions of the Milanes name. Over 80 classes were on display and this year both the Solo and Enterprise classes were celebrating 50 years and the National 12 their 70th birthday. A key driver is the signalled intention by the International Olympic Committee to select a basket of events that will be contested. They decided that their human-powered race would start in Port Townsend, Washington and run to Ketchikan, by way of the inside passage between Vancouver Island and British Columbia.
In the olden days we did not have television until I left school and they had a thing called print magazines, that reported events between two weeks and four months after they happened.

While this is their first Games, writing them off as Olympic newbies would require ignoring their recent results and their strong teamwork. She suddenly spluttered and laughed, took off her headphones and motioned for me to mute Diehard.
For more information on the Enterprise click here to download a PDF document written by the Enterprise Association. Having undergone major restoration under the caring and watchful eye of Mike Evans N1 ‘Gipsy’ was brought back to the club for an official re-launching ceremony. The Vintage event hosted each August by NBYC has become a regular fixture in many people’s diaries, with the chance to race in gentlemanly competition, and to share stories, boat building tips and a mutual love of these old ladies of sail.
We have also achieved National Championship wins in over 20 other well known dinghy and keelboat classes. Rob has been producing the majority of the foils over the past fifteen years these have won a huge number of championships around the world.
Paul Bown, who did much of the work, was also present as were Raymond and Chris Jeckells who had made the very elegant new suit of sails and foredeck cover which Gipsy was sporting.
The whales will soon be gathering again off the coast of Queensland to observe all manner of racing and cruising craft as they head North for a Winter in the sun.
To achieve the maximum versatility and control from the sail it has been panelled with a radial head and clew with the main body of the sail being crosscut.

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