Offering superior value since 1972, Avalon pontoon boats provide ideal enjoyment for family and group outings. When choosing the right pontoon boat, the main considerations to take into account should be how rough the water typically is where the boat will be used, how many people would you like to have on board at any one time, and what activities you are interested in. They are committed to building the best pontoon boats available and to show their commitment to quality, all of their boats come with a comprehensive 5 year warranty. Avalon Pontoon boats can be fully customized with inviting lounges, gas grills, wakeboard racks and even water slides.

Please refer to each model’s specifications for the recommended maximum number of people and weight. Whether you are sunbathing, fishing, swimming, tubing, skiing, wakeboarding, picnicking or just cruising around, Avalon pontoon boats can take you there in comfort and style. Be sure to take the engine power into consideration if you intend to enjoy activities such as tubing and water skiing. Avalon Pontoons come in a wide range of styles and sizes, from a 14' economy pontoon all the way up to a 29' luxury pontoon boat.

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