If you are looking for light tackle inshore and backwater fishing, look no further than North Florida Fishing Charters with Captain Ron Schurr. Florida fishing encompasses a large community, and it extends over two major varieties, saltwater and freshwater.  In Florida, saltwater fishing is not only offshore, but also in the intricate system of the backwater, mangroves, bays, and tidal creeks.
While a quiet afternoon of fishing may be a welcome activity for many fishers, a memorable encounter with prize sized fishing calls for an expert. Bass fishing in Florida is renowned among the world’s angling community, and the black bass is the most well-known freshwater fish in the state.
More than any other saltwater angling destination on the planet, the Florida Keys have set the standard for prize fishing records. While floating down Northern Florida’s backwater marshes and estuaries, you’ll be sure to see more than just a great catch; you’ll see some of Florida’s finest wildlife, such as manatees, herons, and osprey. Lakes, rivers, and canals offer an abundance of prize freshwater fishing, especially excellent bass fishing, attracting an abundance of professional anglers. Fishing charters will take visitors into the backwaters as well as offshore, depending on the guest’s desired experience.
Though there was a slump in prize fishing several years ago, today, Florida has become a major destination for prize bass fishing.

While fishing at leisure is an inviting activity, booking a fishing charter in the Keys often provides a more comprehensive experience while fishing in and on the waters in the southernmost portion of the state.
Also, you’ll encounter the notorious Redfish, sure to put up a fight, but guaranteed to make your charter memorable! Fishing charters are available for off shore fishing; these boats will take you to some of the best saltwater fishing around the coast.
Advice on technique, bait, and location create a day of exceptional and successful fishing; vacationers will be professionals in no time. Largemouth bass and pan-fish, such as bluegill, sunfish, and crappie, are available in the fresh waterways throughout the year.
The environment of the Florida Keys is quite a unique landscape with shallow waters that extend seaward and grass flats, a type of sandy marsh, making it a habitat for a varied selection of marine animals, attracting larger fish from off shore for various reasons, including foraging for delicious meals, like crab and shrimp, in the shallow waters. Bring the kids out on Captain Ron’s 18 foot Key West Stealth and benefit from his 17 years of North Florida fishing experience. Before casting your rod, be sure to check informational guides to become familiar with sporting regulations in the fishing capital of the world. While patrons are welcomed to bring their own tackle, nearly all of the fishing charters offer professional grade fishing equipment to use with no additional charges.

In the spring months, even as early as January in the extreme southern regions of Florida, bass become more active during the spawning season as they move into shallow waters, and the fish reach their peak at this time as well, making this the most abundantly fished season for bass every year. The huge array of species caught in the Florida Keys includes bonefish, redfish, sea trout, tarpon, barracuda, and sharks.
These are available everywhere there is good fishing - from Panama City on the Panhandle to Miami in the south and Daytona Beach on the Atlantic to the Everglades. Most, if not all, of the freshwater reservoirs, lakes, rivers, and ponds are stocked abundantly with bass, though there are particular waters that offer larger opportunities, such as Lake Tohopekaliga near Kissimmee, known as one of the untouched jewels of central Florida.
Whether in the shallow flats, on the deep sea off the coast, near the reefs or some old shipwreck, the Keys are one of the finest destinations in the world for angling.

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