Moongara is a Len Randell designed Blythe Spirit class yacht built 1965 in Melbourne by shipwright Glen Stewart and D.W Baxter. Christina is a traditional 24 foot Couta Boat by Cayzers of Queenscliffe,1960 in fantastic condition.
George Buehler 43 Gaff Ketch 'Katherine Scarlette'Built and prepared to Survey standards, could be used as a Sydney Harbour charter vessel STMBA assessment. Handmade wooden boat, great condition, full owners history, historical and unique with 4hp British Seagull outboard and brand new trailer. Classic, carvel, gaff rigged, double ended net boat built in Williamstown by Jack Savage for net fishing in Hobsons Bay. Pinta is a beautiful, fast and well balanced Tasmanian sloop- crafted of King Billy Pine and other lovely Tasmanian timbers. Selah is a 42 foot ketch of 17 tons, built on the Tamar River by Peter Burling of King William Pine on Tas. Built by the Swanson brothers, "Joie de Vie" is a truly unique example of this famous seaworthy design with its larger Arends-style cabin top featuring two large and three smaller windows. Winner of Best Boat, Narooma Wooden Boat Festival 2011, no expense spared in this the last construction of an experienced craftsman boat builder for his own use. Herreshoff 42 “Francis”OUR CLASSIC HERRESHOFF COMES HOME.Francis is a beautiful hand built Herreshoff Leeboard Ketch.
Gumnut formerly known as Nancy until the 70's Approx age of Gumnut is early 1900's Two major refits, 1st on March 2004 $30000 2nd on Oct 2005 $30000 New Yanmar engine fitted 2007 Total spent on restoration $80000. Rebuilt to survey (not in survey,Estella Grace started life as a Victorian Cray boat in 1964.
Fully restored 1961 Cris Craft Constellation is a little bit of Hollywood here in Australia, cruise in style just like the movie stars of yesteryear.
April is an absolutely beautiful Ken Lacco designed, 26’6” Couta boat built by Brett Almond in 1992. Classic raised deck gaff rigged sloop, originally built as a racer in Tasmania in 1925 of Huon Pine, then re-built in the 40’s to provide some accommodation. Wooden Putt Putt Boat, Classic David Payne Yellow Tail Skiff design powered by vintage Blaxland Chapman Pup Motor.
Dining on a boat is quite elegant, but what about dining on a naturally weathered timber dining table with traces of the sea and salt? When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results.
Your recent article on one of the last wooden boat builders in Sydney emphasised an excellent point (Afloat, Apr’11).
It shows just what can be done on Sydney Harbour when people of good intentions with sympathetic attitudes can achieve for the betterment of all. Which is why it is such a puzzle that we now have developments like the new and truly awful Barangaroo complex. Not having seen the original brief I can only assume that they didn’t want to achieve anything that would be complimentary to Sydney, pay tribute to the location and give people a reason to go there. A case can be made for returning the point to its natural state and provide facilities for all. That would be world class, particularly if supported by appropriate cafes, restaurants and public facilities. It seems to me that rescue stations have a problem when it comes to HF radio use as they seem to push VHF and repeaters, and do not uphold regulations regarding coverage of all radio traffic.

You can call marine rescue stations on 2182HF and most times not get a reply when using a voice call. If they want to be a leader in the rescue stakes they need to do a better job in conducting radio traffic to all boat users. Do the boys with toys in their 42ft 30-knotters know how to get their passengers home safely by basic navigation when there is a TOTAL electronic navigation aid failure, especially at night? I am not anti-electronics for navigation et al, but I most seriously suggest that there be at least two persons aboard a sea-venturing vessel who have had professional basic training, and be certificated in simple but safe navigation. Last week, SWMBO (She Who Must Be Obeyed) and I took to the water in our cruiser for a few days mid-week to relax and enjoy the peace of that lovely waterway. Only three moorings there, one already occupied by a nice old timber cruiser containing one bloke and his dog. The next couple of hours are filled with the sound of the genset, and the Yupster communing with the world, shouting into the mobile phone so his voice will be heard over the genset.
Eden is an open launch of 8.8 metres with a reverse raked stem and sweeping clinker planking swept into a fantail stern. Cuthbertson, purpose built for southern ocean sailing and offshore racing, now a very comfortable cruising yacht. Purpose built in 2007 of composite construction for live on holidays and water sports and sleeps 4. Fitted with an excellent Yanmar 3GM engine (2005), fish finder, bimini, solar battery charger. Fully refurbished and fastidiously looked after (fully covered on our mooring) she is lovely to sail and stay on (see full listing) owner can answer any additional questions. She was designed by Jack Pompei from Mordialloc in Melbourne and built as a fishing boat to work the Bass Strait area out of Robe in South Australia. The original owner was an engineer who produced all the bronze fittings himself to Herreshoff designs.
Gumnut carvings on the front of vessel are carved by woodcutter Roy Davies a famous wood carver. She looks wonderful and always starts (solar panel) and runs like a dream.She was built as a work boat laying craypots in South East Tasmania.
At 22 feet long with a 9 foot beam and 2 foot 6 inch draft she is a great Bay fishing boat or family day boat. In 1997 she was restored by Garry Stewart, Boat Builder, Port Fairy and purchased by the present owners. Boat is in very good condition and all ready to go for a nostalgic putt putt picnic cruise. As the boats aged, they were repainted, over and over again, giving them layers of multi-colored boards. Imagine if it incorporated a wooden boat building facility and small slipway which could be accessed by tourists. While the apartments and town houses seem to be of fairly nice appearance and quality, once again the area has been let down by lack of imagination and consideration. Yet you can get Hobart Radio or RCC Canberra most times and yet, just up the road, nothing. I find when the stations broadcast weather at the end of the sked they do not ask for any traffic or position reports from stations that are standing by to contact them. There are over 4,500 HF units in the metro area and the problem needs to be addressed and not be given some lame excuse as to why they have not answered the call directed to them.

On Thursday night, we settled down for the evening in one of those little bays off Smiths Creek.
We took one of the other moorings, then opened a cool beverage and settled down to the bird calls, sounds of the last cicadas of summer, jumping of the odd fish, the setting sun, and … you get the picture.
Deck Queensland beech - redecked 1996 by Jack Pompeii in Mordialloc during a full refurbishment. Inc 140 hp Suzuki 4 stroke, full galley, fridge, porta lou, Lowrance HDS7, VHF radio, stereo, Full camp covers and more. She has lovingly cared for, improved and maintained the yacht throughout this time, re-designing the interior, designing and adding a dodger, bimini and flexible solar panels, as well as changing the deck layout to bring everything back to the cockpit for ease of short-handed sailing. She was decommissioned from fishing in the early 1990's and remained moored in Robe harbour until purchased in 1999 and transported overland to Pompei's in Mordialloc.
She was built (though not completely fitted out) in Sydney over a 7 years period before being launched in 1989 and taken to Bellingen where she was stored in a purpose built shed for 6 years. She was chocked on the deck of a much larger boat and was launched to access the shallower waters to lay and retrieve craypots. The stories remain intact, and the paint is sanded to bring back the many layers of colours and let the beautiful grains of the old wood show through. Along with fleets of Opties and Lasers filled with enthusiastic kids and their families having a marvellous time enjoying the waterfront. Alby made many ocean passages, and I am not aware of his nav gear ever having struck problems.
This simple application can be used on a moored vessel, by connecting the earth chain to the backstay and hanging it over the stern so it cannot chafe the hull. The bird calls and cicadas are gone, and with them all semblance of a quiet evening on the water. Down from the ceiling comes big flatscreen telly, and the surround-sound system blares into life.
Throughout this process she has placed a strong emphasis on her passion for quality timber finishes.If you are looking for a yacht of this style, in this price range, you will simply not find a better one anywhere. According to the timber yard Strahan Tasmania most of the planks are 30’ feet long and some are 2000 years old.
Every dining table and coffee table in Stories On The Wall has hundreds of years of stories behind them.
Certainly not the general public and tourists who didn’t seem to come into consideration.
If we applied this thinking to the rest of the development there would be so much we could achieve.
Yupster has decided to share with the world a shoot-em-up movie with lots of loud explosions and noisy action … at full volume. 2 batteries, all electrics work including winch.Currently moored at Sandringham Yacht Club. Uses Bateau's leg of mutton sail for easy stability, also a small electric outboard (new) included.

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