Most cities of 100,000 or more have at least one industrial composites supply shop, that will sell suitable glass cloth, glass tape and epoxy. Marine chandlers often sell the same cloth and epoxy, but usually at substantially inflated prices compared to an industrial composites supplier.
The resins and body fillers commonly found at auto body shops are usually polyester based, and often don't get along too well with the marine environment. There are also some online stores that may be cheaper, depending where you are (south east what?). Also worth mentioning he uses temporary blocks and screws to hold the chines together while glass taping them, as quicker and easier than stitching. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
If you intend to build a one sheet boat with a 5' X 10' plywood sheet I have another design for you. If you scale things up and use a 5' x 10' plywood sheet there will still be a difference in stability of the two designs but I think it should not be that critical.
If i enlarge the plan for 10' x 5' in photoshop and then write it out in many a4 papers and glue them together and then glue the paper on a big plywood surface, and i cut the plywood according to the paper. I'm a little late to the party here, but I have to say that you've done a great job with these one-sheet designs.
Very similar to my ScoutCanu except I allowed for 2 sheets of ply for extra length (up to 15 ft).
That method of protecting the sheer is good but it would only work on panels whose expanded shearline is straight I think. No discussion of minimalist boating can be complete without including Gavin Atkins's wildly popular mouse boat.
In his book Ultrasimple Boatbuilding Gavin Atkin describes the simple building methods used and offers several variations of the original mouse boat.
I built a model of the 1 sheet coroplast boat and am in the process of making the folding boat now.
The reality is that you can buy a second hand boat on Kijiji or Graig's list often for less money than you can build one, certainly cheaper if you count the labour, but where is the delight and pleasure in this.
A great source of information for one sheet boatbuilding is the Yahoo Group One Sheet Wonders.

Many one sheet boatbuilders have a goal of getting on the water as quickly and cheaply as possible. Easy build - for the lad but also to get it out of my shop, I'm a realist and know that I'll be doing a fair whack of it anyway. I've done a search on the forum and while I found a lot of old links, very few pictures survive and few of the external links still work. I found that my kids hit a threshold around 3 when they all of a sudden became remarkably competent.
The bloke with the paddle's having fun, but the codger behind looks like he's having a panic attack.
For some time, I've had the idea that that it would be good to re-organise the standard Mouse's internal arrangement to make it practical for rowing - beam-wise, I think it would be fine for a child up to about 5ft. Not sure that a one sheeter will be big enough for you and kids plural at the same time though. To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions.
The design is very pretty and simple and it has an enourmous potential but IMHO it lacks seaworthiness.
Free Plans from Duckworks for the Mouse Boat I printed the plans on card and made the model above. People often add a deck and flotation chambers which take more than one sheet, but it can be succesfully built using only one sheet of quarter inch plywood. Not only is it made from one sheet plus an additional 2x4 piece for transom, flotation chamber and bulkheads, but it comes apart for easy storage and transport. It pushes the envolope of what can be done and helps us understand what goes into making a boat stable, easy to move and enjoyable to use.
You have to join but inside there is an active boatbuilding community with lots of free boatbuilding plans and photos. It documents the meticulous boatbuilding technique used to create a lovely one sheet canoe.
I'm currently building a pram that will do the sail training but it is sized for big people when it comes to rowing.
I'm constantly amazed to hear stories about the things people do with these boats - they're certainly much better than they have any right to be at their size and cost.

There's a number of designs and building tips ranging from rough and ready with Gorilla glue and exterior ply to fully glassed marine ply hulls using epoxy resin. It is maintained and was started by Phillip McCracken who also has his own website on boatbuilding. Here the excellent design and careful building methods are not particularly fast but result in elegant minimalist crafts. With number one wanting to build and then a seven year old and a two year old behind him (who won't be learning to row just yet), any kid's boat is going to get a few years use. There are many free plans and instructions on using less traditional materials as a simpler and cheaper alternative to epoxy. He uses a stitch and glue method of boatbuilding except that he tapes rather than stitches. I was tempted by the Mouse (yet again, I'll have to build one) but part of the idea was something to teach them to row in. On his website he has a link to a small video where he shows his half pea being rowed and another one rocking in the water. He also tacks his seams using Super Glues before using epoxy for the final gluing.He also links to the wooden boat forum thread on this boat. And we'll have at least one (planning on two) full sized 8' prams for when the water's a bit rougher. Old plans often suggest materials that are now considered unsafe such as lead paint, be careful. The OSS looks ideal - he can build it and when his brother tosses a fruity about not having his own, it won't hurt much to build another. If you want to SELL things that is fine but showing us whats possible then charging us to see HOW is just BS, seriously I call shenanigans.

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