Also, has woodenboat ever covered the building of an Optimist or are there and bookts that have step by step instructions for building of an Optimist, that an amateur like me could understand?
This is a very simple boat--I doubt that you would have any problem building it with a jigsaw, block plane and other simple tools. I've looked at this site for a couple of years now, contemplating building 4 for the local kids---I think it can be done with the info from the site without a detailed set of building instructions. If the idea is an affordable boat to teach kids to sail on I think I need to do it the way my dad did with me. One wonders how things got to the point where tolerances of plus or minus 2 mm are required, and boats built to the original plans no longer qualify as class legal. My partner used the class rules to build a 3D model in Rhino and there are discrepancies between some of the parts.

I agree with the observations that a wooden Opti will never measure in under the class rules. To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions.
It is similar to the El Toro in that it has a more seaworthy vee-bottom but, carries a daggerboard instead of the El Toro's lee boards. However, folks can simply thumb their noses at the present Opti structure and build to the original Clark Mills plans and intent. Then the club got high performance fiberglass dinghies and we kids were able to move up, again at essentially no cost as a communtiy service by the yacht club. The original plans won't meet the current class requirements, but I'll post them here in case anyone gets the urge to knock one out.

I get hit by big powerboat wakes now and then and when I slam down the back of the wave the hull takes it like a champ. There is a great story by Bruce Kirby in the latest issue of Sailing World about Opti racing at the more competitive levels.

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