I recently purchashed an older j craft 18' fiberglass speed boat the ones they used to drag with v-10s. OutlineEmail claims an attached photograph of a very fast boat with eight outboard motors was used for regular drug smuggling operations across the English Channel. This email forward includes a photograph of a large rigid inflatable boat (RIB) that is powered by eight 250 hp outboard motors. Moreover, criminal proceedings undertaken several years ago indicate that these vessels may have been designed specifically to meet the requirements of drug smugglers. Managing director Davison, 39, and his partner George, 41, were suspected of making secret cash deals on boats costing up to ?350,000, each with eight 250-horsepower engines strapped to the back. Ranging between 30ft and 60ft long and capable of producing 60 knots (about 70mph) at sea, they could out-run any pursuers.

Thus, there seems little doubt that boats like the one pictured were used in illicit drug related activities. Given the lack of any collaborating evidence, it seems reasonable to conclude that, although the boat shown in the photograph may well have been used to smuggle drugs, the description of the drug bust included in the message may be false or inaccurate. The message claims that the vessel was used to smuggle drugs across the English Channel three times per week until it was captured by a British coast guard helicopter with 300kg of cocaine on board. UK company Crompton Marine previously manufactured RIBs in a variety of sizes and engine configurations including a 20 meter model powered by eight 250 CV Yamaha outboard motors.
The then owner of Crompton Marine, Ian Rush, was accused of supplying such boats for use in drug related crimes. Rush's partners, Richard Davison, and Ellen George were arrested on similar charges in 2004.

It is unlikely that a 300kg cocaine haul found in one of the RIB's that are central to a widely reported court case would not have made headlines. Also, details of the court case reveal that, although the inflatable drug boats were made in the UK, they were destined for drug smuggling operations between north Africa and southern Spain.

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