Shea€™s been working on her paddling skills for her new reality show filmed with husband Eddie Cibrian. Leann Rimes is currently on holiday / filming her new reality television show in Hawaii with her husband Eddie Cibrian in tow. First they went horse riding and now they're paddle boarding and surfing showing off their new found skills. This Hawaii based label fuses Italian low cut styling with the classic sexy Brazilian bottom. Whilst holidaying in the Sunshine State recently, I caught up with Simon Hunnybun, the mastermind behind DEEP Oceanboards, for a surf. My own little baby arrived a few weeks later and I wasn't disappointed - and that was just based on its looks. I woke up at 4:30am after a restless night's sleep (way too excited to sleep) in order to make the journey to a secluded river mouth which was forecast to be cranking. Dropping down face of this gentle giant from the depths of Broken Bay felt great on the little sled.
Being a natural footer and this beast being a left, I was about to conduct the first official backhand cutback assessment of the 7'2".
A couple of nice big s-turns were next on the menu where I was just feeling out the rails and the lines they would draw with differing levels of push and tilt.
After a plethora of different sections offering ample opportunities to experiment with different turns, the end section eventually arrived. I got a heap more waves before the tide eventually swallowed the fading swell and every one of those waves consolidated my feelings I had about this board after that first one.
To the high performance skilled riders 92l maybe easy, but to us regular joes that get out when we can, well if you are like me you want to have a short board you can throw in the tray of the ute and throw around in the smaller junky surf to head high but not need to paddle daily and watch the diet to be able to keep upright. Also, the short length and wide extremities allow to really surf the foam, which makes these kinds of boards so great also in windy mushburgers. Casso is not exaggerating in any way, these boards are fast, loose and like on rails through roundhouse cutties. Is this board as close to a Gong style board in design that we are going to see here in Australia? Nice thanks for the review, i take it it has the same single concave down the full length the tomo has and if so how deep? For example, I'm just over 6'4" and around 90kg in a wet steamer, and the surf down here rarely gets glassy clean with consistent joggle or chop on it.
I'm on the verge of ordering one this weekend and wondering what your dimensions are ie height and weight, for the 7'8"?
At my size I'm at my limit but have only had the board 2 months so I guess that will change, as it has with every other step down I've done.
My issue is that with a crook back I don;t really want to wobble for too long, but at the same time I want to have a tight-turning little board again! I reckon those dimensions would be fine, the vangurd style sup i made is the same length but 30" wide. When it comes to rocker when you are talking short sups, i think you have to think of them as having the rockered nose section chopped off.
Deep Cove Canoe and Kayak - Vancouver sea kayaking, Rentals, Lessons, Guided Trips out of scenic Deep Cove British Columbia, Canada. The Manitou 130 R developed from the Manitou 13 model and combines the stability and comfort a newcomer will appreciate with maneuverability and tracking that more experienced paddlers need. The perfect blend of stability, lightweight and optimal tracking that appeals to water explorers. The Double Vision features all the same design, functionality and performance of Current Designs' single kayaks so you know you're getting a high quality boat here. Epic broke the rotomold with the amazing V7 last year, and this year continue the trend with the new V5. We know that rotomolded kayaks have traditionally been heavy and difficult to handle, both on and off the water. For those who want an upgrade from the V8 but not the bigger jump to the V10 Sport, in terms of speed and stability, the V8 Pro fits perfectly between them. According to advanced level paddlers, the new Epic V10 is the most successful all around surf ski on the market. An inflatable kayak that sets up in just a few minutes and is compact enough to take along on a weekend adventure.
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Along with the sport’s popularity comes increased competition, but Bradley remains confident. Paddle Diva has something for everyone: beginner lessons, distance training and adventure tours, and this year, a special Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga Teacher Training program with Jessica Bellofatto of Kama Deva Yoga.
Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. With the emphasis on racing 14' boards rather than unlimited, I had an old DC 16' with steering that just didn't sell on Seabreeze.
So I decided to strip it back, removing the worn out deck pad strips and two coats of paint to find a full carbon board.
This time i attached extra foam to round out the sides of the nose, adding extra volume to the top and base of the nose. I did own that board and painted it white so the carbon would not generate heat, lacey I am not sure, kelly margetts before me. The Boeing 747SP is a modified version of the Boeing 747 jet airliner which was designed for ultra-long-range flights. And LeAnn Rimes, 31, showed that practice makes perfect on Wednesday as she confidently took to the water at Uncle Bryan's Surf School in Hawaii.The action girl showed no signs of fear or weakness despite having sported a bandage on her leg on Tuesday after having sustained an injury during her sporting activities. Let's join a€?em,' the actor said.Eddie's 41-year-old ex-wife Brandi Glanville stars in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. And it looks like, to make things a little more exciting for the cameras they've taken up a few outdoor pursuits.
We went to a quieter spot on the Goldy and he brought along his mini quiver of strange looking "Minion" quads. One would think I was under gunned (an 85 kilogram guy on a 7'2" in overhead waves) but the Minion stepped up and handled the drop and subsequent drawn out bottom turn with the grace of a much longer board. Again, a very smooth response with heaps of speed maintained through the turns that utilised the rail. I had plenty of speed (not an unusual situation to be in when surfing this SUP) and the crumbly close-out was just asking to be slapped.
This is one super fun board with so much speed to burn, so much potential and so much versatility. The minion shape seems quite refined, in different ways than the Gong shapes: the nose obviously but the rear lines & channels are very interesting. You said you're not the travelling kind a few threads ago, so if you are coming you better bring that 6'10" of yours for me to try or I'll be very disappointed. While I found the board difficult for the first few surfs, I am now quite comfortable in most conditions. At only 14' x 23.6" it is small, maneuverable and stable for new paddlers, or experienced paddlers who want something smaller.
The performance and stability is evident in any water application especially in breaking surf and rough waters. Excels at navigating surf zones, rock gardens and convoluted "tide rips." Very full chine provides great stability and quick response to edging and lean turns. Back then, Gina Bradley was a lonely soul out on the bays and beaches, with a small cadre of friends (and friends of friends) determined to get other women to join them out on the water. A deep breath and i cut off off a foot off the front and back and shaped the nose back using a 9" angle grinder. Maybe I should give you my "unbought on Seabreeze" DC17' to turn into a 14' or better still a 12'6".
And while on their beach retreat the country singer has been treating us to a few of her favourite bikini looks. I wasn't sure if these weird looking things were really my cup of tea so I didn't borrow one then and just took out my standard 8'0". The glasser at the DEEP factory sure knows what he is doing - especially with all those sharp edges, channels, bevels and concaves that go into these crazy Minion designs. We were greeted with fast, mechanical, walling lefts peeling down the bank for over a kilometre - an epic canvas to work with. I guess the parallel rails allow her to impersonate a semi-gun and perform appropriately when required.

I swooped into a critical backhand bottom turn with my paddle on my heal side and drove up the face towards the lip.
I've watched almost every available bit of footage I can find of all manner of people surfing these boards and it all looks good.
And that's a small board by any stretch, unless my maths is no good, of which there's a very good chance. Has the downside of a bit less security when dropping into hollow beach breaks, heavily weighting the back inside rail of the board really seems to do the trick but took me a few surfs to dial in. The Trident 13 was designed by professional kayak anglers looking to maximize features in a 13' hull. Since then, SUP has become all the rage, with enthusiasts of both genders and all ages discovering the joys and real benefits that paddling brings. We've had leopard print by Valimare and two styles, including these cut out bottoms, from Acacia Swimwear.
Halfway through the surf, my curiosity got the better of me and I asked him if we could swap boards for a couple of waves. At only 5.6 kilograms, he obviously also knows how to squeegee out the excess epoxy to reduce weight while still maintaining strength. The super long break is great until you have to paddle a 7'2" the 1.4 kilometres to the take-off zone. It was a feathering, just overhead, super smooth, left hander and I was in the perfect position for it. Banking back up the face after the loooong bottom turn, I was presented with the first speedy section of this aquatic journey to the channel. The rail dug deep and held all the way through and the board maintained speed until it had come around a full 270 degrees where I was confronted with wall of foam. A quick paddle transition and weight distribution to my toe side rail just as I reached the foamy crest resulted in me being in the perfect position to test out the Minion's dish pan potential. But I imagine there are different scaling issues for dimensions on these boards depending on your height, weight, ability and whether you want it for 2-3foot smooth conditions or to be able to handle up to 4-5ft with a bit of bump n the water etc. You could go up to 30" in width and still have plenty of rail to rail feel, you have of weight and size to throw around. Tha main thing is it really works given the basics from the master shaper DC were there already. Don't forget that DC shaped the board originally and the rounded rails really help with stability.
Long story short, after few waves on his little 7'0" - I HAD to have one myself and consequently had one ordered by the time we got back to the car park. The 7'2" picked it up nicely and I was reminded of my surf on Simon's board that these things actually paddle into waves very well - they seem to start planing even with the slightest lift provided by a wave before it even breaks. A quick redirectional top turn was in order before slamming the little girl into overdrive for the race to the cutback section.
I stomped on the tail to lift the big square nose up just enough to clear the bottom of the foam and the Minion proceeded to rise vertically up the white wall almost magically levitating above the turbulence below.
I sank the big double swallow tail to begin the whip then flattened out the deck and pushed hard with my back foot. BOOM - this is where you really see the relatively huge planing area kick in and the Minion took off.
A quick crouch down and a transition of weight to my heels had me spinning my snubby friend through a tight pivot at the top of the foam which ricocheted me back onto the green wall of clean water again. The tail spun, then slid as it lost resistance in the white water and came all the way around until both my heals were pointing towards the shore. A few little pumps for good measure and in no time at all I had outraced the lip and covered the 50 or so meters to the next section. These foam climbs, along with white water floaters, was one of the most surprising things about this board - it deals with the turbulence and bounce so well with that large planing area maintaining stability so beautifully. The fins then bit into a bit of green water and I managed to reverse the spin direction and bring the 7'2" back around so it was facing the right way again.
In conclusion, the 7'2" performs exceptionally well in a big wave backhand cutback scenario. That felt nice, really nice and gave me a glimpse of the versatility of this funny looking duck under my feet - not only is it great for long drawn out carves but also for critical whips and controlled slides.

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