Stand Up Paddle-boarding is a relatively new sport that simply involves standing on a surf board with a long paddle and paddling your way around the water.
If this event wets your whistle and you would like to try more Stand Up Paddle Boarding take advantage of half price Stand Up Paddle Board Rentals on Wednesdays at CKS. This activity is an extreme test of a person’s physical and mental limits and carries with it the potential for death, serious injury and property loss. Lake Tahoe, CA - Paddle the quiet and crystalline waters of Lake Tahoe’s hot springs for a real summer treat.
Allagash Wilderness Waterways, ME - The stunning Maine scenery is complemented by the bald eagles circling above. Colorado River, NV and AZ - Paddle into caves and through Black Canyon on a 12 mile guided tour in and above Hoover Dam.
Lake Michigan - During the summer, there are great opportunities along the shores of the Great Lakes, and Lake Michigan has the laid back summer feel to get you in the mood.

Seattle, WA - Seattle is surrounded by water, including Green Lake, Lake Washington, and the lovely Elliot Bay. Yellowstone River, MT - During the late summer you can get out on the rapids with a SUP on the Yellowstone. You may try this new sport at the town pond at Mcphelemy Park right in the town of Buena Vista. Lakes give way at various points along the Allagash River, making exploring seemingly endless.
It’s relatively chill, but expect a bit of friendly whitewater for an added challenge!
In the Arkansas River valley there is of course the Arkansas River with whitewater parks in Buena Vista and in Salida. This event is complimentary and everything you need to try these sports will be provided free of charge.

Hopefully, the variety and breadth of locations will inspire you to find your local river or inland waterway gem.
Stand Up Paddle Boarding on the river may be a bit advanced for most but it is fun to watch the experienced paddlers surf the waves in the whitewater parks. Princeton Hot Springs Resort is not liable for any injury, property loss, damage, death, etc occurring do to any activity outlined by any information sheet. If you are just starting out take an instructional lesson at CKS in downtown Buena Vista, Colorado.

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