Are you looking for a fun water sport while visiting Panama City Beach that is not only easy to learn, but also serves as a full body workout?
With a minimum of equipment, it’s an easy way to play in the water and paddle from ocean surf. The first thing you will want to master is standing up and maintaining your balance on the board.
There are a number of different techniques (strokes) you can use to propel and turn your board.

My advice is to take a beginners class to learn the basics, experiment with different strokes to find the stroke that’s most comfortable for you, and practice.
Andrews State Park, we offer paddle board rentals which is one of the fastest growing water sports in Florida. Then stand up, while staying in the center, keeping your feet wide and your weight equally distributed. Keep your feet flat and try not to grip the board with your toes as this can get uncomfortable.

Like riding a bike, it is easier to maintain your balance on a paddle board when it is moving than when it is stationary.

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