Like anyone else who would sell one of his kidneys for a day on the water, I wanted -- needed -- a small fishing boat. It wasn't a boat that I found, but a new bait feeder reel I needed to replace my spent one that Mike G.
The trailer was easy -- new (new to me) fenders and brackets, new running lights, new studs in the wheels, one new tire and I'm in business. I'm trying to get this baby in the water for Hammapaluza so I can meet everybody as well as chauffeur Zach and a bait bucket full of crappies to victory, but we'll see. Le trimaran Adastra en fibres de carbonne a ete concu pour offrir un haut niveau de confort et de style a une famille voyageant a travers l’ocean. Toute utilisation ou reproduction, meme partielle, du site et de son contenu est strictement interdite sans l'accord express de l'editeur.

Not having $2,000-$3,000 kicking around for something ready to hit the water, I started looking into some fixer uppers. I know, it looks pretty spent, but something about the hull of this rusty beer can made me want to fix it. For the boat, wire wheeling it down to the aluminum and stripping out any attempts at old repair jobs, as well as the factory seals, which were completely dried out & cracked. Not having a clue what to use, I dove into a Boat US catalog looking for some sealant and came across 3m 5200 marine grade sealant (The stuff that dreams are made of!).
The transom was easy because it was a hole that was cut out in order to feed a live well (a 1-inch bolt, 4 washers and plenty of 5200). I ground it out, used some automotive 2-part epoxy (the stuff they use to seal cracks in engine blocks), which is like clay until it cures.

Le super yacht est propulse par un gros moteur principal Caterpillar de 1 150 chevaux assiste par deux petits moteurs de 110 chevaux chacun. I promptly responded and we got together for the transaction at a Duncan Donuts off of Route 8. The floorboards and stringer were rotted, the motor had 40psi in each cylinder (oh well, no biggy), trailer fenders were rusted in half, and one wheel looked like a bullseye for target practice.

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