And constantly provide you with a boat deck paint that is actually stronger than the structure itself. If memory serves, the spray-in bedliner shops I called wanted between $700-$1000 to spray the 15'x8' floor in my project boat.
The roller left a pretty sharp finish (definitely non-skid) - it would draw blood if you brushed against it the wrong way. If I ever feel so inclined as to install another boat floor, it will be another gelcoat finish.
Here's a pic of the finished product; floor is a little dirty in the pic as an overhanging hickory tree rained sap onto it for several weeks before I got the boat covered. I used some high-end, coated decking screws I bought at either Lowes or HD on both my boat floors I have done. I think I thickened it up with too much cabosil(i should know better)and I also made the non slip,a little too aggressive. I found marine Greez Off,and marinE Spray Nine,to work pretty well,but it takes a good scrubbing to accomplish it. On my last boat we had very little space for tackle and found the cup holders to work good for all that stuff,so we carried it over to this boat. Ok, with the plethora of lengthy threads on floor coating, I have been overwhelmed with opinions of others as I am sure others have as well. Location: Colorado USA I know a lot of guys that have used many different products to finish decks with. Originally Posted by tx57 I know a lot of guys that have used many different products to finish decks with.
Location: New Hampshire flexible epoxy paint like CM 15 with walnut anti slip added then latex or enamel for the right color. Location: Juneau, Alaska My brother built a skiff and took it to a place that sprays in truck bed liner.
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. The first thing we'll want to do is to cut the two big pieces of wood (the 4'x8' and 4'x4').
Take one of the six long sticks that you bought and cut it to the length of the longer sides of the two trapezoids you have.

Now that you have sealed all the cracks, it's time to apply the normal resin (without the flour) to the boat.
We are proud that we are part of modern ways of trading because we are making exhibit booth displays that are being used on biAlusett Name Brand Display SystemsThe installation process is also easy. So if you have some plans to head out to the Pacific Northwest and would like to do some fishing while your out there go to the STS site and get all the info you need. I assumed you were going to costruct a plywood floor and then glass over it with a couple of layers of CSM , this is what is normally done. The reason I asked about the plywood was because someone mentioned doing some kind of heavy cut strand mat floor but it sounded like it would take a lot of resin so I was just checking. Take the remaining two 8' sticks and attach it to the outside of the top of the port and starboard sides. Be aware, however, that resin is afraid of sun light, so you'll need to cover it with something. Polyester resin is less expensive and has bonding problems with wood because it doesn't soak in once it starts to kick. I obtained the hull and trailer last year with high hopes of building a solid duck boat and with a little elbow grease that exactly what I got.
Now since its an aluminum boat, I'm not sure if I should use rivets or screws to fasten the wood.
While doing this project I have decided to change the layout of the floor, add storage and put in a custom built-in 35 gallon shad tank. Holds up like a champ, but I'd a bit thinner next time around--the fiberglass does a lot for strength. So you need not worry about the durability of the structureAffordable Waterproof FlooringA good waterproof flooring system is an important thing for the protection of any building. I am learning so some of what you said sounds familiar but I don't know what some of that is or how it works.
Hull: I started from a bare open hull (1442 Fisher jon) and first thing I did build a new transom. I have seen complicated systems with many steps that are in the $600 range and also seen where people have used porch and floor paint in the $25 range.
The picture is of an engine cover, not done by me ,but by somebody much more talented ,using a roller ,this surface has been sat and trodden on for about ten years and was applied on flatted gelcoat.
To be honest, a layer of opaque paint is the best protection against UV radiation, but some people choose instead to cover their plywood boats with 6+ layers of varnish.

I thought it would be nice to have people who have used economical floor coatings to post their knowledge and how they are holding up after so long. Lab test and field test have proved that Sanitred is 99% effective for preventing radon gas in boat deck paint.
Searching all the posts is confusing and there is alot of mixed feelings on products and methods. I looked at many different forums and the people here seam to be the most knowledgeable and experienced group of boaters. For those lucky enough to find a oil based polyurethane paint, your'll discover that it is the best compromise between protection and price. One of the additions I was most proud of was the flotation pods I built and installed on the transom. After the first test run I noticed between me, the battery and gas tanks in the rear it was sitting to low.
I have re-built a couple of boats over the last couple of years and had to learn how to do small fiberglassing jobs. So I fugured I really didnt have anything to lose, I had the material already so I built some out of plywood and put three coats of thick fiberglass mat on them.
Its strong protecting layer will repair the rough and weak spots of your floor and also increase the value of your house. I replaced spark plugs, fuel lines, fuel filter, water pump, fuel pump and gave the carb a good freshening up before season last year. Trailer:The trailer was in pretty good shape when I aquired it but needed a little attention.
Every nut, bolt, washer and screw were brand new when intalled and all are stainless steel. It was in working condition when I took it off after duck season and I havent looked at it since.

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