If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my ebook - The Beginner's Guide to Fitness in a Busy Life (worth $147) here. Of late, with the festivities already starting in India, we had our hands full with a number of assignments related to health product reviews. I had tasted other flavors that Paper Boat had to offer, Kokum being my favourite amongst the other flavors of Aamras, Jaljeera, Jamun and Aam Panna. But, now what I held in my hands was something different and being someone from a fitness background I was eager to find out whether these two flavors lived up to their name.
I quickly pulled out the beautiful jute bag which stored the contents, untied its knot and pulled out two of the packaged drinks.
Me and my colleague finished all four packets in 2 hours, of course having to take a break of 15 minutes in between so that I could savor and distinguish one from the other. I have always been an ardent lover of tea and have been on a quest to try every possible flavor on the stands and here they were, two brand new flavors and I did not even have to brew them.
I first had a sip of the ginger- lemon flavor and though the taste did not kick- in during the first three sips, it slowly tingled its way into my taste buds and onto my nerves after a few minutes.
Though, we might argue that this is a common tea flavor, hot or cold, this version of cold tea from Paper Boat has an extra dash of lemon grass alongwith ginger and lemon.
Known for its high levels of Vitamin C, magnesium, and other minerals, the ginger root is extremely beneficial for health and lemon blended with the ginger drink mellows the taste also giving it a refreshing feel. The Tulsi Tea too lived up to its name as the flavor and aroma both engulfed me right from the first sip. So, I’d say if not anything the drink could help beat stress which is the mother of all illnesses. If you are someone on the lookout for a refreshing drink which is healthy and refreshing at the same time, try them out and I assure you- You will not be disappointed.

This is a review of the Paper Boat Drinks, a fast growing beverage brand from Hector Beverages, a company based in Gurgaon and started by top B-Schools graduates. Being used to getting weird spam and trite emails of “guest post” and link exchange requests, I was pleasantly surprised couple of weeks back, when I got an interesting message from the representative of a company that makes drinks (and memories, as they claim) offering me a sample of their products in exchange for a review here.
I was amused by the way the message was framed and when I visited the website and their face book page, I realized the communication style was consistent throughout. Paper Boat drinks is available in eight variants – aamras, jaljeera, jamun kalakhatta, aam pana, kokum, nimbu paani, imli ka amlana and golgappe ka paani. Except for aamras and kokum, in which the basic fruit ingredient is on the higher side and thus taste almost like the real thing, other have the main ingredient in diluted form.
The premium quality packaging of the drinks, not only preserves the drinks better but would also better convince customers to pay a premium price for the drinks. Paper Boat’s brand proposition is as much about the drinks as about the memories the drinks evoke. Vicky has over fifteen years working in client and operations management, domaining and online marketing. One of the most common complaint (or excuse) I hear from potential new bloggers is they don’t know how to install WordPress.
Alike the Ginger Lemon tea, the Tulsi tea is also a blend of Darjeeling tea and tulsi leaves. Tulsi can beat down a fever or diabetes, as well as protect your heart, control stress, and dissolve kidney stones.
Being interested, I replied in affirmation and pretty soon I got a package of seven of their drinks (250 ml pouch each).  During the next week I sipped them one by one at my leisure and here’s is what I think of the product and the brand. As the names suggest aamras contains mango pulp, jaljeera has lemon and jeera, jamun kalakhatta has jamun, the purple Indian berry, aam pana has raw mango, kokum has well, kokum, imli has tamarind and golgappe ka paani has the unique concoction that goes inside the world famous golgappes.

They have made real efforts to provide customers unique drinks that go beyond simple fruit juice and are not readily available in packaged drinks format. But if you are looking for authentic taste, you will be slightly disappointed with couple of them like jamun kalakhatta and imli ka amlana.
30 for a 250 ml pouch is a bit on the higher side but when you consider the alternatives in the market, you may consider it worth the price. Right from the brand name and name of the product variants, to the communication on it’s website and the Facebook page, there is a consistent effort to associate childhood memories with the brand. She has worked with many different online businesses, both large and small, plus put their online marketing strategies into practice.
Terms like FTP and CPanel are like a foreign language and setting up a database might as well be setting up the space shuttle for a launch. For example, none of the claimants of “real mango in bottle” like maaza or slice come even close to the aamras. She has helped online businesses better their conversion rates quite significantly and raised their online revenue.
Only time will tell, to what fantastic heights can the fantastic four take their Paper Boat.
But they have already made a splash in the market with their best selling energy drink brand Tzinga, which sells more than 1.5 million packs per month.

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