Comparing the Rolling Barge with a Myark folding trailer barge, it is wide when towing also it needs a trailer to be loaded onto, with the barge structure not strong like the Myark folding trailer barge, Myark 10 metre folding trailer barge can float over 12 tonne and takes a short time to assemble. I cannot find any where on the web a folding self trailer pontoon towed by a a RV camper van allowing amphibious travel in style. Location: Thailand This folding pontoon has to have a trailer and to wide and awkward to lauch and over weight with trailer, nice try though. The price is very good, and it works, but it would take a long time to assemble each time and take a lot of car space unless they have a trailer, also I would say not strong enough to hold 13 ton with out structural damage like my early proto type Myark folding trailer barge safely carried 13 tones in shallow water pictured. It's available in different sizes i can see a market here in the north during wet season. Location: Thailand Having another look at their design it to much mucking around assembling and would say not last long under strenuous conditions especially coral reefs and surf. The load is limited and needs trailer or truck to load and would hate to be the one that has to roll it up and lift it around.

There is a promising future for my latest design Myark folding trailer barges if that's the best there is on the market.
In NZ I made lots of $ hiring out several Myark trailer barges to the USA movie industry and other commercial marine industry and many forms of work that I was only company available which is 10 minutes to launch and retrieve a barge that is capable of 13 tone in choppy seas and can be beached and launched in any location such as I had entered an extreme surf harbor entrances no other boat was able and used the Myark folding trailer barge as a super large surfboard, lots of fun.
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
I live on Laurel Lake in Corbin, Kentucky.  I will now be going out on it,  Lake Cumberland  in Kentucky, and Norris Lake in  Tennessee year round. I was a little tentative about ordering something of that expense online and having to send measurements. Luxuriously appointed, the Party Barge 20 is refined and sure to be a hit with the family (not to mention all your new friends). Good railing and nice and open floor without holes all through it from past furniture and stuff.

Available with a variety of engine options, this Sun Tracker pontoon boat will keep the party going whether ita€™s in the water or docked. I did make a minor adjustment as you recommended if necessary and moved it forward a little bit.
Guests can take a comfy seat, thanks to Hi-Density SUN TRACKER Comfort Foam, and keep your beverages cool in the 36-quart cooler. I have seen other barges on the forum but the designer stated they could be sunk by waves a few inchs high.

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