It’s the holiday season, and Bayfront Bistro is our spotlight choice for a memorable Christmas Dinner on Fort Myers Beach. Description: In the waters off of Fort Myers Beach, you can often find the Florida manatee in their natural habitat. Ready to reserve your Sarasota sport fishing charter that you will remember for a lifetime?
At Stump Pass Grille you can have your day's catch cooked up fresh and enjoy it with a nice cold beer.
Located at the marina where we dock, you can climb off the boat and eat dinner after a fun day of fishing!
Welcome anglers and sportsmen to Sarasota fishing, where the fishing adventure of a lifetime begins. Sarasota deep sea fishing in the awesome blue waters off SW Florida draws a wide range of anglers to the region.
And nothing makes a Sarasota fishing enthusiast happier than to feel the rod double over and hear the reel scream as line is peeled off by a nice big grouper or other big game sportfish. Dockoar Fishing Charters welcomes families with children who may want to top off their family vacation with a fun Sarasota fishing adventure.
Fort Myers is a fishing paradise that is best known for it's plentiful species of sportfish like redfish, grouper, tarpon, amberjack, and a long list of other popular saltwater fish. The fertile SW Florida deep sea fishing grounds have always been a top sport fishing destination for saltwater sport fishing adventures and other exciting Florida charter fishing trips.

Our SW Florida sport fishing boat, the Dockoar is skippered by a very knowledgeable and experienced sport fishing Captain in Captain Lee Poore.
Boat ride, small parties, weddings, burial at sea, you name it they do it for 6 people max. Fishing the Gulf of Mexico out of Englewood from the Sarasota fishing grounds south to Fort Myers and the surrounding fishing region. We are located in Florida in the well known Sarasota fishing region along the Gulf of Mexico.
You could be a passionate saltwater angler that was born with fishing in the blood or a total newcomer looking to experience the sport of deep sea fishing for the first time. This is when you as the angler get to test all your mental and physical fishing skills you have honed over the years. For families and children we can also go fishing a bit closer to shore where the kids can catch a wide variety of bottom fish. Covering fishing in Sarasota, Fort Myers and all of SW Florida Fishing from the Dockoar, a top SW Florida sport fishing boat. This also includes red snapper, permit, and other bottom fish that are caught while fishing Fort Myers wrecks and other bottom fishing structures. Fishing with light tackle and gear for snapper, grouper, trout, and even grunts makes for the perfect fishing trip for the kids. His extensive knowledge of both inshore and offshore deep sea fishing in Naples, Fort Myers, Sarasota, and all of SW Florida is unsurpassed and was accumulated over many years of fishing.

Simply click the “SAVE THIS” icon on a listing and it will be stored in your vacation planner. Point is Dockoar Fishing Charters welcomes all anglers no matter what your experience level. And if you are not an experienced angler we will help you establish the skills needed to boat one of these beautiful sportfish from the deep. Sarasota fishing is for everybody and our boat, The Dockoar provides a safe and fun atmosphere that the whole family can enjoy. Our fishing methods include drift fishing, bottom fishing, and trolling for both inshore and offshore areas of Fort Myers.
The action is more frequent and the variety of fish will keep everybody guessing as to what they will catch next. Now it doesn't happen every trip but to be lucky enough to catch a big game fish like a 500 lb goliath grouper is something you will remember and talk about for years to come.

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