Your fishing charter will be aboard either a 23 foot Dorado with a 225 Mercury optimax, designed for comfort and speed, fully rigged for fishing, with a T-top for shade and Sirus radio for your listening pleasure. The fastest way to book your charter with Captain Mark is to call 813 240-6331 (cell phone) or 813 885-7333 (home phone).
An online blog made up of a mix of fishing issues, events, regulations, and the political arena written by EC NEWELL MAN and others. Re: MAY 29, 2014 - MORNING SHAPE UP IN THE BAY - NOT AGAIN WITH THE NY SALTWATER REGISTRY - STOP HERE FOR BIG COD - NEW BOAT BUZZ, NOT HERE - ITS FISHING TIME! We also provide ice and drinks like water and sodas; however you are encouraged to bring whatever food and drinks you prefer. It may be politically incorrect and definitely a reality check on and about fishing and politics.

When you register on-line or in a tackle store your only proof of registry is the computer print out you either print out yourself or the tackle store print out which can easily fade if it gets wet. If you have more people in your party, no need to worry, we can arrange for additional boats with licenced and insured captains to accommodate all people in your fishing party. Enter the 'SPIN ZONE' to discuss the topics put forward by EC & the FISHING UNITED CREW!
If you call them to register they will send you a card in the mail that has a protective laminate on it just like the old cards we used to receive.
He also mentioned that he knew of fishermen fishing along the shoreline here, going home with a piece of legal paper from someone in a green uniform for failing to produce a NYS SRL.
Only downside is it takes a week or two to get it.Another thing they changed this year is the registry no longer runs on a calender year. Finally keep in mind while on a private vessel, each occupant has to have in their possession the NYS SRL There is no 'blanket' license to cover all the occupants on a private - recreational vessel.Who Needs to Register - You need to register if you are 16 and older and are - Fishing for saltwater fish species in the marine and coastal district******************************************NEW BOAT IN A PORTWHAT HAPPENED TO THE SIZZLE WE ONCE USED TO SEE?Last weekend Big Al and myself made our way down to Pt.

No big deal we thought on till we looked closer and saw many were leisurely dressed and definitely not looking to go out fishing, as there with women in flip flops and a few of the guys, one or two, wearing Under Armor outer gear. Interesting we thought but then our attention was diverted to a strikingly painted steel vessel, outriggers raised high slowly pulling into the pier.Cheers and outward expressions of what seemed to be congratulations as the vessel was secured to the dock.
Of course I should point out, that the Sproat and Limerick along with smaller size O'Shaunessey hooks have also boated their share of bottom fish, but it seems that these styles have gradually grown out of favor over the years.One of our favorites which I like to point out, and which you can still find if your looking for a value priced - strong hook, is seen to the furthest left in the image, the VIKING hook.

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