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A careful study of Monty Python reveals that all "comfy" chairs have one thing in common, arms. OK, so now we have a functional sitting appliance, it's not pretty but it will keep you off the floor with some measure of success. You are essentially finished, but there are a couple of things you can do now that will really finish this thing up nicely. Love the idea, as well as the intelligent commentary that went along with it as we were walked through the project.
I think washing out the bottom half of the seat, filling it with ice and beer, would make for a great "Cool Tailgating Chair"!! Just the bottom part is open, the part where you sit is closed, so you would have to do a redesign.

I was thinking that you could actually use it like that when you are out-of doors but still want a bit of home out there. I just got one of these barrels from a friend this morning, now as soon as i can borrow a heat gun and jugsaw from another friend I'm going to make this!
To see potential in all things, to view everything as a source material, in that way lies madness and pure joy. I'm curious if instead of tossing out whatever left-over pieces of plastic you could use them to reinforce the armrests or to heat them up into plastic ball caps to cover the metal bolts if not too toxic? Now give us some mods so that we can turn this into a comfortable toilet seat for use in wilderness camping.
It took us a while to figure out the base of the chair but we realized that we needed to include the lid and the locking metal ring. The metal ring keeps the back and base connected but we are having an issue with the seat fitting nicely on the base.

Sitting on a 5 gallon barrel or toilet seat on a rickety steel tube frame is nerve racking at best. Also, we don't see the purpose of the spring under the seat, because once you sit on the chair the seat bottoms out on the base.
We might try our next one without the spring loaded base and also keeping the seat attached to the actual bottom of the barrel.
Although this means the inverted lid with the bungholes will become the seat, we thought we might get a circular cushion to fit in nicely. Also by leaving the bottom attached, would allow us to have storage underneath the seat for a variety of things including ice cold beverages (tailgating chair?).

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