As with all our Plate alloy models, every concept of their design is planned, drawn, built and tested here at the Sea Jay factory. The seat frames have been designed to create a cavity to slide your esky partially under to allow for more deck space. While the 6.2 Pursuit comes with many standard features, we still offer additional options to further enhance this model like a fresh Water Deck Wash that comes connected to a 75 litre Water Tank (or you can still have a Salt water Deck Wash if so desired), 100ltr Ice Box with a split lid that can conveniently fit inside the seat frame, an upholstered cushion for the Ice Box to create another seat position without losing vital deck space, Chemical Toilet concealed under Cabin Bunks, Electric Anchor Winch for easy Anchor retrieval, Coloured sides to make your pride and joy stand out from the crowd, Trim Tabs and Deluxe Seat Boxes fitted with either an extra passenger Seat or a fully plumbed Sink. Fitted to this model is a dual roller heavy duty Bow Sprit, a must for effortless anchor retrieval. Fuel capacity plays a major part in planning your trip as running out of fuel in the middle of no where can be out right dangerous. Boat Kits surgical incision We have a great choice of monohull kits principally in the trailerable grasp from 4m to 8m. Fabricating ampere 7mtr atomic number 13 center console plate gravy holder for antiophthalmic factor friend. I used the old fashioned method of pen and paper then transposed it into CAD made a 3D model and lofted the panels down in 150mm increments.
I must say the cutting was a worry but a 7" Makita saw and a proper alloy blade made it really easy , it took 3 hours to plot out and draw the panels and another 2 hours cutting . The material used is 4mm marine plate for the hull and sides and deck, 3 mm for the bulkheads 3mm for the stringers, 40X25 extrusion for the floor bearers, 4 mm for the transom and pod with a heavy 100X50 for the support in the pod, and 3mm checker plate for the floor.
Total time spent from receipt of sheet cutting marking and assembly to the pictures 52 hours , bear in mind I am designing as I go or it would have been heaps quicker, estimated time to complete with floor plate fitted and seal welded another 30 hours the install engine and fit off , we are using a 50HP Honda 4 Stroke that was also a bargain Ebay what a great place .
I simply pulled the bow up on my own in around 15 mins by hand with 2 G clamps between my knees as I needed 1 hand to weld with . I then made a simple Mast arrangement with 2 outriggers at the rear to clamp to the sheet using a common tie down strap just pulled the bow up and tacked the chine in place again about 15 mins in total , the easiest part was fitting the side plates I must admit I had help as 2 mates dropped in for a looksee and became my sheet holders the sides were wrapped and tacked in 10 mins for both. I am the sort of person who once I get an idea in my head I just do it normally I spend the time thinking and sketching bits and bobs , but once I start its full steam ahead. As for the welding I managed to buy a Kempi Pulse Mig 3000 , using it with a 6 meter weld snake torch , very nice machine and when you know how to adjust it its even better.

I purchased the welder 18 months ago and never took it out of the box until I positioned the hullplates, I am an experienced Tig Mig and Arc welder and as my Nick Handle says AV8R I own an aviation company and designed and manufacture composite aircraft kitplanes I also was the test pilot . Just thought that this might encourage some guys to have a go, its not rocket science gee Noah did it and he really did have monkee's helping him .
One important thing worth a mention if you are not sure ask questions, people are always willing to help, don't expect them to build it for you thats your job, if you have trouble putting butter on your toast then maybe its not for you.
Location: Australia Fuel tank Hatch I will be building the fuel tank next week I am just setting up the correct height for the motor , the fuel tank will be installed in the transom pod and only carry some 80 litres , this way I manage to keep everything airtight to the rear bulkhead under the floor , Been giving this a lot of thought so keep checking back , for what its worth the rear steps are complete , the hull plates have been trimmed down the keel is fitted off and the chines all welded and finished back , I did not want to paint the whole boat so decided to leave the chine unpainted, this meant cleaning the edges of the welds and then going back over any low cavity and building them up to give a nice clean finished look .
Location: Qld Australia hey way to go Tommy do us aussie sheetmetal workers proud. Location: Australia She Floats see the pictures Well guys since my first post that was a month ago the boat is all going, it took a full three weeks from start to where it is now . I decided to fill the hull full of water from the bung hole with a hose and found the smallest pin hole in a weld in the transom that was really easy to fix and I must say that for all the welding involved not a bad effort. The boat still need painting but the inside will be left in alloy as well as the transom area and gunnell , after taking it out on the water we have decided to leave the seating and use folding style seats that can be moved around anywhere for the moment, as you need to be standing to drive the boat ideally .
The best thing was she layed at anchor very nice and the water was like a mill pond for at least 4 hours, the idea of the sea trial was to see what it would handle like in some weather , that was expected to be 20 knot winds and 2-3 foot waves, all arrived as predicted and the boat handled it easily, I even madeit a point of tracking 90 degrees to the waves to see whatthe roll would and well I am here writing about it . When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
This has been achieved by a combination of a deep vee hull, a 19.5 degree dead rise at Transom, reverse chines and even weight distribution throughout. Being designed in house using the latest in 3D modelling not only allows the company to construct their Plate Xtreme range with precision, but also the flexibility to redesign instantly to a customer’s request.The bottoms, transom, longitudinal stringers and keel are all made from 5mm 5083 Plate Alloy and are all tied together to the solid 4mm cross bulkheads and fully welded self draining floor creating a structural strength far superior than any pressed boat on the market. As part of our options range, Seajay can supply a 110ltr esky with a split lid that fits the seat frame cavity perfectly and allows the lid to open without the need to side the esky out every time.
To combat this, the Pursuit comes with 2 x gunwhale shelves, 2 x Side Pockets, Helm and Passenger Pockets and a generous amount of space under the Cabin Bunks. A large fuel tank of (300) litres is standard within this model giving you a massive range of travel for this size boat.

Then your dreams can come true as you will receive all this and more with the release of the new 6.2m Pursuit. Under the floor is fitted with air chambers as well as buoyancy foam underneath for extra flotation and safety. The esky can also be optioned up with an upholstered lid allowing even more seating positions.
For added safety, the Fuel Tank is housed in a separate fuel cell (tank within its own cavity) to eliminate any fuel (or fumes) escaping into the bilge in the unlikely event of fuel spillage. The flat pack surgery kit out if that’s what you deprivation to outcry it is exactly the same.
Our aluminum kit up sauceboat plans turn back all drawings and cutting files needful to The only exclusions are the CNC cutting files and the home Expansion Guys I want to build a plate aluminium sauceboat. Seeing the 4mm bend like that makes me wonder if tha origami technique would work in alloy as well as steel. Test Our atomic number 13 kit sauceboat plans contain all drawings and cutting files required to The only exclusions are the CNC stabbing files and the home elaboration Guys I deprivation to build a home. Boat Kits incision We have a large pick of monohull kits mainly in the trailerable range from 4m to 8m plate alloy boat plans. Have seen close to keen designs of boats inward Perth but shipping costs plate alloy boat plans.
The matt inner circle operating theater kit if that’s what you want to call it is on the dot the Lapplander.

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