The i550 is easy to construct, even for even the amateur builder, with a plywood “stitch-and-glue” method that ensures a light, solid hull, and a quick build.
Andrew decided on an i550 because of its looks, performance, ease of build and affordability.
The standard kit contains all the plywood components cut for you and includes Building Instructions, a workshop manual and a Bote Cote Manual.
You can also save yourself time when ordering with your kit by buying our comprehensive package of building materials from Boat Craft Pacific which includes epoxy, glass, glue, fairing compound and other essential boat building materials. Order this package with your kit and you will make savings of close to 5% on the retail price of these materials. As you near completion, contact us for paint, spars, sails, fitting and rigging, other boating items and your Belco Custom Trailer! Precut Plywood Kits Available for Storer Boats – UK, Europe, USA, Australia, South Africa.
Wooden Boat Plans for Amateur Boatbuilders – Excellent Performance, Simple Construction, Step by Step Instructions Australia, USA, UK, Hungary, S.
A number of companies can cut kits for some of my boats in Australia, North America and the UK. David is a professional woodworker and was also the first builder of the Goat Island Skiff in North America. David also does boat repairs, fitouts, sparmaking and complete builds and non boat production work.
Currently supplies kits for the Quick Canoe and Quick Canoe Electric to the USA and Canada.  The kits are not just precut plywood but contain all the timber to build this simple canoe.
Duckflat can supply materials packs for any boat, but also precut plywood kits for the Goat Island Skiff, the PDRacer, The Eureka Canoe, the Handy Punt and the Quick Canoe.  They also can supply foil and mast blanks ready to be final shaped and epoxied.
Fyne are my main plans agent in Europe and the UK and also have put in a big effort in making all my plans and kits available.
Alec will cut almost anything you need.  But in the past he has cut some Goat Island Skiffs. Roy has cut out several Goats and a couple of Eureka Canoes.  South Africa has a similar high performance plywood boat culture to Australia and New Zealand.
Location: Australia Plywood Kits without stich and glue I am redesigning a plywood kit I created some time ago.
Location: Eustis, FL Chris, you're attempting what many of us have been exploring for some time. The notch and tab technique does require a slight bit more room in the nesting arrangements in the cut file, but does work.
As to which is more effective, particularly in light of the others also available, well this is probably pretty subjective, though the zipper seam does let you do both sides of the seam unobstructed.
Maybe best not to be stuck on a single system and do what is most suitable for a given boat and part of that boat. This is an experimental project that I under took to help me work out the bugs in the process before moving on to a slightly larger and more complex version. Location: Lakeland Fl USA OK I assume that we are talking wooden boats here.
Yes we will use a fillet and glass ribbons on the inside when you remove the boat from the forms and turn it upright, with only ribbons on the outside. In all this you have not had to lay out some hopefully correct shape on scarphed panels, drilled a zillion holes, pulled a zillion wires, or eyeballed the wire joined panels into hopefully correct shape. You get a very good grasp of this method in Tom Hills nice little book; Ultralight Boatbuilding.

The alternative to the pain of lofting or laying out a series of S&G panels, if you are determined to use a micky mouse stitch and glue method, is to bite the bullet and buy kits from Chesapeake LightCraft, Guilemott, or other precut panel sellers. Location: spain I still cant visualize a technique to hold the panels stationary and to shape without some kinda stitch. Location: Tasmania,Australia The use of tabs to accurately position frames, bulkheads etc is very commendable. Trying to remove the use use of wire ties etc, just for the sake of it, is not a valid reason in my eyes.
Originally Posted by michael pierzga I still cant visualize a technique to hold the panels stationary and to shape without some kinda stitch. Location: Coastal Georgia I wonder if these might work, they're called hog rings and hog pliers.
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. For nearly thirty years Iain’s modern epoxy glued and coated plywood small boats have been enhancing the seascapes of the world, with over a hundred sailing in my country, Australia alone. Iain oughtred has been a friend and collaborator for all of my professional boat making life. Its been a privilege to work with him, and the friendship has had a steadying effect in the best of times, and a reassuring quality in the worst. Alec has played an important role in digitising a large number of Iain's designs for the purpose of making kits of all the plywood components of iain's boats, especially the planking, which takes time in scratch building, and can be a forbidding concept to many newer builders. He started off building the Eureka Canoe and then last year built a OzRacer (formerly PDRacer). Csaba has done a great job with his Hungarian wooden boat website and he has done the mammoth job of translating the Goat Island Skiff, the Eureka Canoe, the Quick Canoe and the OzRacer (formerly the PDRacer) to Hungarian. It is not often I come across a canoe blog which has excellent tips and advice on canoe construction. By buying a kit you save many hours of drawing and cutting time getting you on the water sailing in quick time. He originally designed it with the Micro Ton class in mind but when no one bought the plans he redrew it to cater for the growing sportsboat scene where the boat has been impressively received. He describes it as a ‘performance boat for cheap’.  As far as affordability goes building one of these is a fraction of what it would cost to buy one of the alternative fibreglass sportsboat options. Tokyo Trash Baby holds off Elliot 5.9s and Ross 650s and is in fact the scratch boat in the mixed handicap fleet at their sailing club which has boats up to 8metres. This package contains the recommended quantities to complete your boat building project up to the stageof the unpainted hull. They have spent time developing the first BETH Sailing canoe kits (recommended for experienced dinghy sailors only).
I use a simple short block of wood, arranged along an edge, which the next panel rests against, before the seam is filleted and tabbed.
The panels were simply hot glued together along the seams on the outside leaving me free to apply a continous fillet and tape join on the inside surface. They are a very useful technique in the right situations, as others have explained very well. These products are not sold online due to fluctuating prices and the compexity of calculating freight.
Andrew this year set a new elapsed time record during the Bay to Bay Race, coming in first over-all handicap in a very competitive fleet including sportboats. For a portion of the price though you can match them in racing and enjoy the tens of thousands of dollars you save by building it yourself.

The lifting bulb keel gives stability and righting moment, but, most importantly, lets the boat launch easily at any boat ramp. They are dressed all round and are clear, straight grained with no knots. Because prices and availability flucuate call us to get a get a list and quote. I don't use stitches very much in this type of build, though sometimes they are handy to pull something together.
I find this easy to place the usually 2x2 blocks (temporary attached hot glue or drywall screwed) and I can do most of the seam.
The main difference between our construction tecniques is that I used fiberglass flat sheets instead of plywood for my panels. It is only necessary to use closely spaced holes and lots of ties or wires when pulling together tough bends and when warping or torturing the ply into difficult shapes. When I sit at the back it is very easy to maneuver because the front fin is out of the water (but in case of some wind it is a problem). For between $12,000 and $14,000 you can have a brand new sports boat with new rigging, sails, spars and trailer. Parts are located using a sheet layout which tells you which parts are in which numbered sheet. Save yourself time by including these items with your kit order, so that you can concentrate on the important job of building your boat. Your notch and tab approach looks like several other accessions to this set of issues, which work best in CNC format, naturally. Your technique, means the whole inside seam can be done in one shot (unlike my system), which is good. A set of temporary plywood frames were installed in the interior to hold the panels in alignment until the transom and bow pieces were in place.
When I knee in the middle of the boat it is still easy to move but it is difficult to turn quickly.
It turns well, but sharp turns require the cooperation of the two paddlers (meaning for example when there is a sharp turn left the front paddler needs to paddle backwards, and the rear paddler forward).
My block system permits the whole outside of the seam to be done at once, while yours requires some trimming first.
Once all the hull panels were fitted and bonded together full length lay-ups were made along the sides and bottom to tie it all together. It is a tropical hardwood and the plywood is made by one of the remaining mills in Indonesia. This is an excellent touring canoe – for lakes or rivers, longer distance, also great for fishing because of the stability. A stitch or tie every couple of feet and some duct tape to keep things aligned and away you go. I think it will accommodate a small drop-in sailing rig very well – I will try that as well soon.
Visit this site for starters: Lunatic Fringe and view the slide shows on the right hand side. Lofting panels is just as easy and going through setting up build frames, and cutting and fitting all the rest of the pieces of wood that have been mentioned in order to get the shapes. A combination square, a 4' metal rule and a decent batten and you can lay out a panel in 15-20 minutes from offset #.

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