Location: New Jersey English Punt with a twist I've been searching around for a first boat to build and got hooked on the English Punts, completely by accident, while searching for information on Venetian Gondolas and Pupparins.
Being a fan of the Venetian style of rowing, I decided to deviate from punting and instead want to build the boat with a forcole and row it instead. I've been trying to enter the dimensions for this into free!ship or hulls but I don't know how to import the numbers as offsets.
I have enjoyed reading the numerous posts on the forum, always an interesting discussion to be found. Location: Essex UK Interesting idea, the Punt is very similar in purpose to the Venetian boats. The Sciopon was the type of boat used by the fishermen & wildfowlers often carrying a large calibre Gun for shooting ducks. We went to Venice some years ago and met a Gentleman called Gilberto Penzo, he is passionate about the boats of the lagoon & has a fascinating shop where he builds models sells plans etc, well worth a look if you ever get to Venice.
Location: Iowa, USA Gondolas are able to be rowed with an oar on one side because they have asymmetrical hulls and are long.

Location: Essex UK The asymetric hull of the Gondola is a relatively new phenomenon only in use for little over a hundred years, before that they were symetrical. The Sandolo and similar boats are symetrical but can be rowed with one or two oars or oarsmen.
In the end its worth a try as if it doesnt work just fit another Forcole & row standing up Venetian style with a pair of crossed oars!
Originally Posted by rwatson and canadian canoes are symetrical, and can be paddled from one side only if you know the trick The Jstroke or similar concept isn't that hard to learn, and aren't Gondolas usually rowed with a fully in water stroke? Location: Essex UK Gondolas are usually rowed with the blade in the water most of the time, the two man ferries that crisscross the Grand canal, Tragheto's often row with blades out of the water, there are moe variations in Venetian rowing technique than you can shake a stick at. I moved the standard Jon boat oarlock on the starboard to just in front of the rear seat (the seat runs from gunwale to gunwale). Your concept as drawn at least will give you a high platform like the pupparin and the gondola, which is really great, but you’ll have to use the longer oars made for those boats rather than the shorter ones made for the mascereta, sciopon and sandola because you stand inside these instead of on a poop-deck.
You may need to add ballast in your bow for proper trim unless you make your boat over 25-feet.

When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. I have not tried the plan but punts are relatively simple boats and meant to be used in quiet waters so it would certainly produce a usable boat. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. The English punts are often quite long of similar proportions and the long straight chine would add to directional stability. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).

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