Simple to build depends upon the skill level and what sort of tools you bring to the build.
The Sea Hoss skiff is as simple as you want to make it, a stable platform for many purposes. Using between 5 and 6 sheets of 6mm ply the Sand Martin uses simple stitch and tape technology in her construction. Let me second this one, there are a lot of good designs out there, knowing which one will fit you best will depend on your intended program for this boat. This rugged and able outboard-powered dory combines beauty with practicality and is easy to build.Designed by David RobertsLOA - 16'Beam - 5' 7"Draft - 6"Displ.
As the design progressed, we quickly realized that the 14’ Panga would also be perfect for plywood construction as well.  With hull and structure created from developable surfaces, which means they can be cut from sheet materials, most of the major components are to be cut with computer controlled router or laser cutter. The 14′ Panga will be offered as plans with additional full size templates or a cut file package of all hull panels and structure.
Aluminum has been ordered and time on the laser cutting machine has been scheduled, so check back to the construction blog for pictures of the progress. SpecificationsLOA- 14’ LWL- 12’ 11” BOA- 4’ 10” Hull Draft- 6” Displacement (w Crew)- 800 lbs Recommended HP- 8 - 20 hp (max) Max Occupant Capacity – 3 Adults or Max Capacity – 540 lbs. PT Watercraft offers kits for new and unique boat designs that are efficient, functional, modern & attractive.
Our focus is on creating boats that answer the needs of serious cruisers, weekend camp cruisers and environmentally conscious boaters, sail and motor. The PT skiff is a very fuel efficient center console runabout that is good looking, has good handling, can carry a load, and is incredibly quick with only 20 horsepower. This design comes from the office of Bieker Boats, a design firm with a long history of success with many kinds of boats. Ballast can be either kept in, or kept out by locking the air vent valve located near the steering wheel. Other design features help this boat travel comfortably through rough water: High freeboard, side decks and lots of flare in the topsides. If you are familiar with planing skiffs, you will see something unusual in the a€?performancea€? video on this website, Ashlyn riding quite comfortably and dry in the front end of the boat, while going fast in rough water.
Favorite why?A  Four main reasons:A  Weight, longevity, ease of construction, and minimal cost and waste.

Boatbuilding with wood and epoxy is not hard, but it is a science, and to build a lightweight boat that is both strong and long lasting, one must understand the materials.A A  This is why our manual is as much about the technology as it is about building the boat. Is this boat simple to build?A  Not really, but the result is very advanced, and anyone with general hand tool knowledge can build one provided they can carefully read the very detailed manual.
Longer pieces are joined with puzzle joints, and all the frames (10 of them) are located with tongues that fit into slots in the hull, so therea€™s almost no measuring.
There are manyA  separate pieces of wood included in the kit as well.A  Most of these are gluing cleats (inside corner reinforcement), all are cut to size and length.
The manual for the PT skiff is a photograph and text manual, and is as thorough as the design and kit are. While the PT Skiff was not designed to be truly self bailing, there is a relatively simple option which will allow it to self bail at speed and drain while on the trailer. If you do go with the double layer be sure to use thickened epoxy along with a through pre-wet process with straight epoxy.
Look up 'spanish windlass' - two layers of rope around the chines with a bit of wood twisting the two layers tight.
Put them on both sides of the hull and tighten alternately - like torquing down an engine head. I once tried building a skate ramp out of construction ply, but found it starting cracking when the bend was forced.
I put some 6 0z f'glass and epoxy on the outside of the curve, but only on the knot holes that were giving way, and was then able to force the bend in without it snapping. Location: Eustis, FL Convincing plywood to do what you want requires some inventiveness, as you've demonstrated.
Location: Eustis, FL Well it depends on what you want, spray control or lift. A lot of Tolman builders use a lower rub rail which will also help control spray, so the choice is yours, but I don't think you'll gain much from the added effort of making the strakes full length.
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions.
She can be fitted out in a number of different ways but the standard arrangement shows two thwarts with side benches aft and a foredeck with stowage space below.

If you need a good row boat that will also move along with a tiny outboard at displacement speeds then the FL12 or similar will be great for you. Brown with various design collaborations with Paul Bieker and Eric Jolley of Bieker Boats, Jim Franken of Franken Design, Brandon Davis of Turn Point Design, Paul Zeusche of Townsend Bay Marine, Sean Rankins of NW Sails. It goes about 22 knots lightly loaded and does over 16 knots with four people and gear and it feels like a rocket with only 20 horsepower.
There are 120+ separate pieces from plywood in this boat, but they go together quickly and fit perfectly. It uses a minimal building jig and thus the need for extreme accuracy made possible with CNC technology. I managed 23 mph with a 9.5 Johnson but it was a bit rough out so I might have gotten a couple more if it had been mirror smooth. I have a FL14 that I built and it works great for drift fishing the river or powering along the lake at a relaxing 4-6mph with absolute minimal power (2-4hp is all you need on this one). Special thanks to our honorary consultants, John Marples, Dick Newick, Jim Brown, Brian Clark, Tom George, Sandy Goodall, John Harris, Alex Spear, Tim Nolan, Meade Gougeon, Ted Pike, Chris Grace. The Tolman doesn't have a lot of deadrise, so lift shouldn't be an issue, though with the strakes dragged aft, you'll gain a few MPH lower full plane speed. If you want to use a larger outboard and build a boat that will get up on plane and go fast, but not row as easy there are many good examples there as well as multiple styles that would work out. For a small boat to go faster I'd personally go with a flat bottom pram bow like the Bateau GF12.
Heat works good too, as does, laying bath towels over the area and pouring boiling water over them.
I mainly mentioned bateau designs as I am familiar with them and have built from their designs and they are easy to build with a very good support forum.

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