I recently went to the library and read in a speaker building book that the type of wood used in building a cabinet does not effect the tone.
In all seriousness, I'd imagine the dimensions and type of back have much more effect on tone. Conversely, if you want a more resonant cab that contributes more to the overall tone, you should consider using a soft, resonant wood like pine.
Another important component to the sound of the cab is the material used for the speaker baffle and the way the baffle is attached to the rest of the cab. As far as size goes, I built a couple of 12" cabs that were as small as I could make them. I have a Marshall 2556AV 212 cab and I put a new plywood back on it in place of the particle board. Stereophiles want an even flat frequency response from their speakers, whereas guitarists want to choose a material that enhances the tone from the amp. All true and well presented, I would add that the mass of the cabinet does have an impact in its own right. Hammer drills and impact drivers have different applications — a hammer drill is used to to drill into hard surfaces like cement and concrete while an impact driver is used to install and remove bolts and screws. An impact driver exerts perpendicular pressure (torque), which is the same motion required to screw or unscrew fasteners.
Impact drivers are used for driving and removing screws in general construction and DIY projects. Best selling Impact Drivers on Amazon: Once again, a wide range from $50 to $250, with cordless tools priced higher. HDPE Composite matting clearly outperforms other matting systems including, fiberglass composite mats, all-wood mats, steel-framed wood mats, and all-steel mats in terms of their weight-to-weight bearing ratio, maneuverability, and flexure. MegaDeck HD is only 6" narrower than most other HDPE matting systems, but that half foot is just enough to allow MegaDeck HD to be shipped in standard (8' wide) ISO shipping containers.
MegaDeck HD's unique cam lock system is far superior to other HDPE composite matting connection systems. Most wooden rig mat systems are at least 8' wide, making it impossible to ship them in standard ISO containers. The second picture shows the tank completely covered by the splashwell and fish box on the port side. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
I have a very strong opinion about the suitability of OSB for use where there is the potential for exposure to moisture. No offense to either of the two partisans but IMHOWaferboard has no legitimate use in any boat, whether it has been covered, coated, cpes injected under heat and pressure, or otherwise.. John,You forgot to CPES and put a layer of glass on all the sides of that top you made for your trailer! 8122pbrainard wrote:John,You forgot to CPES and put a layer of glass on all the sides of that top you made for your trailer!
JoeinNY wrote:In my experience anyone putting down a floor in either wood or fiberglass boats that will be wrapped in vinyl or carpet and screwed down to the subfloor should simply get some pressure treated plywood and just let it dry in the sun for a bit before gluing on the flooring.
OSB, Waferboard, whatever, it has two things going for it, Its cheap, and it sucks, sucks up moisture. OSB has become standard wall and roof sheathing in typical, average new construction, but high end homes are still specd out with plywood for some reason. I was talking to my grandfather and I was telling him how i didnt think that it would cost very much to build the egret sharpie.
From what I've heard, glass is pretty standard over a plywood hull, marine or otherwise, in which case you might save a few bucks with the exterior grade.
The total cost of materials to build a boat is relatively insignificant in comparison to your time etc. Most of the folks on this forum will tell you that using fir marine ply will save you money over using cheap construction ply and having the boat break or rot in a few years.
They will also tell you that using fir marine ply and having to glass it all will cost more than using Okeme or Meranti marine ply and not having to glass it, or only glass the underwater parts of the hull.
Bottom line = if you can't afford decent materials to build a 20' boat, get the plans for a 10' boat you can afford to build properly. I ignored the warnings about cheap ply and used it to build the centerboard for my dory skiff, just coating it with a thin coat of epoxy, no glass. Jim - Why polyester and nail the polyester fiberglass to the boat instead of just using epoxy? My two cents: You are building a boat, presumably in part because you expect to enjoy the building process.

I know of many 'chop' boats built that way and the thought was, there was enough strength in a CSM layup that if the wood were to rot, the channels formed by the glass wrapped around structural members would still kind of hold the thing together collectively for the most part. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser.
This is neither good nor bad per se, but the idea behind using man-made materials like that is that it's a good idea when your goal is to minimize the contribution of the cab materials to the sound of the cab. The MDF cab has a stale response compared to the birch cab, where the birch cab has a lively upper midrange. A heavier cabinet sitting on a more stable platform like a hardwood floor is going to be a bit tighter sounding for the same reason as the stiffer wood or more robust mounting techniques. If the cabinets are going to be portable, birch is probably better because it's stronger for a given weight than particle board.
As a concrete (see what I did there?) example of why mass is immaterial to the production of extremely tight sound, I'd point to the growing number of cabinets that are being done for keyboard, PA and bass that are built of composite materials (foam and fiberglass in most instances). However, note that screwdrivers exert both torque and the forward motion to install the screw. MegaDeck HD rig mats outperform other HDPE composite matting systems as well, making them the clear choice for all your construction, drilling, excavation, and roadway matting needs.
This drastically reduces costs and the chance of delays when compared to non-standard shipping methods often required to transport larger products. Other HDPE composite mats feature locking systems that employ small parts that are easily lost and broken on site. HDPE has enough flexure to conform to uneven terrain, while fiberglass mats are rigid and brittle. Our proprietary blend of materials is non-absorbent, is easily cleaned with a power-washer, and is significantly stronger than wood: it will not rot, splinter, or delaminate and is far less likely to transfer contaminants to other worksites. The ability to ship your mats by standard means can drastically reduce delays and exorbitant fees incurred when forced to use specialized modes of transportation. Pete, according to this bulletin the only difference between OSB and waferboard is the orientation of the grain. Each layer or veneer is laid up by orienting the grain of each piece (strand) which is then bonded with an adhesive and pressed into a veneer. To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions.
That is when he said that it would be expensive with plywood being at 100$ (give or take) a sheet for marine plywood.
I coated the hull exterior with epoxy, then painted with system three epoxy primer and paint. I bet you would get the same checking with marine plywood--maybe wouldn't happen as soon, though. The exterior grade had a lot of footballs and was pretty difficult to get a smooth surface finish, too.
However my supplier only stocks 8? Okoume and I do not want to scarf this boat? I hate the lines.
But, if I was going to build new boxes I would make them bigger and use thinner wood for the baffle. I suspect that is because they are oriented toward thinking of wood as having tonal value in their guitars. A hammer drill uses a hammer-like action on the drill bit to drive it into the hard surface. Cam-action drills have a mechanism where the entire chuck and bit move forwards and backwards on the axis of rotation. In contrast, an impact driver only exerts torque and no longitudinal force to drive the screw forward. They are larger and use an anvil for a socket instead of a chuck for a hex bit that you find in an impact driver. Special drill bits need to be used with a hammer drill to withstand the strong pressure from the drill. They contain metal parts that can rust and require the additional purchase of spare locking pins and up to three special tools. It could be potentially disastrous and dangerous if a mat were to break in two while being traversed by a heavy crane or other equipment.
MegaDeck HD also contains a UV additive that prevents sun damage, while even treated wood mats degrade quickly when exposed to the elements. This one small difference between the MegaDeck HD composite mat system and wood or steel framed wood mats will save you time and money, allowing you to focus on other areas of your project. These veneers are then stacked with a 90 degree alternating grain direction just like plywood is.

Both are engineered wood products.These high end homes you referred to, they don't use any engineered products like "I" joists or LVL headers? Both are engineered wood products.These high end homes you referred to, they don't use and engineered products like "I" joists or LVL headers? Glass the outside with POLYESTER resin and use the mat-roving-mat material that comes in one sheet.. Plus, with this kind of construction, the irregular grain or poor grain of the cheap ply is soon lost in the rough cloth layup that you wont want to try to tame with a long board anyway.
I so badly wanted to switch all of our cabinetry to light ply to save weight, but the sound wasn't there. Stereo buffs are more apt to believe that particle board is the only way to go since it has no inconsistent grain patterns and resonates equally across its entire surface hence it doesn't alter the recorded sounds they are playing. Mass is an under valued component of good tone especially in the low to mid frequebncy range.
These cabinets, some producing seriously intense bass from 47Hz using amplification of 1500W and more, are also far lighter -- including speakers -- but stronger than even remotely comparable cabinets that we've grown used to from guitar manufacturers.
Rotary hammers use electro-pneumatic hammering, where the piston and hammer do not touch, but where air pressure transfers the energy.
This is not a problem in most cases but it is good to be aware of this limitation of impact drivers, not least because it is a common misconception that impact drivers do apply that forward force.
This is most effective for Philips screws (because they cam out), less effective for slot head screws and is not useful for most other types of screws. While impact drivers tend to be used for screws, impact wrenches are more commonly used with nuts and bolts.
Our locks consist of large aluminum cam receivers inset and sealed into the overlapping flanges along the mats' perimeter.
Not only are fiberglass mats more likely to break, they are also much harder to fix when they do, whereas small repairs can be made to MegaDeck HD in the field.
Not only will sunlight change the color of wood mats over a short period of time, the cycle of absorbing rain water and drying out will speed decomposition.
This is a big number that I would not be able to afford and was wondering what the integrity of the hull would be if you used regular Home Depot plywood and then epoxy coated it rather than using marine grade plywood.
Supposedly, 6566 is relatively inexpensive and is supposed to be better than modern marine 'exterior' fir ply, which I was told, was really designated to be used on 'buildings' on the waterfront, not boats but still better than typical lumberyard materials. An old Mesa is a fair example as they were heavy as hell but the bass was really great in the examples I have owned. Motorized impact drivers are used to replace screwdrivers for greater speed and ease of use in applications where a large number of screws may need to be used e.g. Cam lock receivers of adjacent mats align perfectly, whether placed long end to long end, long end to short end, or in a staggered or brick configuration.
Rain water and chemical spills can also leave the surface of wood mats slick and dangerous for workers and equipment alike. Two years ago when I was hauling some stuff to the landfill I needed a cover for the trailer. Marine plywood is generally, but not always a waste of money as compared to exterior grade plywood for uses such as a covered floor, or any glassed component.
A large (3" top diameter, 8" long) aluminum cam bolt is inserted through both cam receivers and secured with a turn of a standard hex key.
Actually due to the burn rate of wafer board and OSB they are usually avoided in more expensive homes. This becomes particularly problematic with cabinets that have large panels and those that will be used at high volume.
The end result is a product that is highly controlled and consistent and is so consistent, that it will exceed certain specs of plywoods. I feel like I'll never need a 4x12, and I was initially going to build a 2x12 but that would still end up being pretty heavy and cumbersome. Pine has been used in small cabinets, where resonance isn't as much of an issue (smaller panels, lower volume overall), and it works fine there.
It just like ply needs to be sealed.John,Yes, for the price of that beer or gas, The cost difference isn't much but it's still a difference. My local fire department sent out a letter requesting that they to inspect homes that were built with engineered I's, they burn out in the middle and the building collapses very quickly. The problem is not that random resonances won't create a happy accident of tone, but that it can create some really nasty accidents of tone as well, and the only way to fix those nasty accidents is to add bracing, stiffening or damping, which eliminates the whole point of getting a cabinet made of any hardwood in the first place.

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