Hi, Dan here, If you’re about to build a boat and looking for a set of plans, there’s nothing better than building your boat with plywood boat plans.
Take a few sheets of marine plywood, some 2 by 4s, add a bit of imagination and a few available hours on a weekend, and you can build a plywood boat. Question by Andrew B: where can i find free down-loadable stitch & glue plywood boat plans with cnc cutting files? Perhaps the floating support(s) can be built to be 'disposable' after x-number of years, rather than the time, material, and expense of maintaining a rust free steel structure? Location: Lake Champlain Well were not looking to build a house boat barge but the idea is intriguing. Location: Lake Champlain Is the main reason I am hearing to use galvanized over stainless fasteners strength? Originally Posted by indianbayjoe Is the main reason I am hearing to use galvanized over stainless fasteners strength?

Location: spain Yah, for underwater work, In sea water, galvanized fasteners last a long time. Location: Lake Champlain They look to be expensive when all is said and done.
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
Location: Alaska 22' plywood landing craft Here are a few photos of my recently completed boat.
Location: Margate, NJ cor, that's an awesome boat for what you need it for.
I've been flipping photos in the gallery as well and found some concept boats that could load from the bow or stern, just back up raise the motor (in a pod) and lower an aft ramp. Location: USA NW coast landing craft, usually aluminum, often have a completely open deck and the house on stilts over the after part of the vessel.

Hoping to stay below 28, as big as I could possible go would be 32' That would be a big project. We cover topics like boat plans, wooden boat plans, free boat plans, plywood boat plans and more.
Ya know, a berth could be below a flat deck to roll on and off of, but I would think it would be better to keep the weight low.

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