You did a great job on rebuilding your pontoon, it looks great, and it looks like your enjoying it. Or incorporate an 2-3 bank onboard charger with a recessed mounted male 110v plug so an extension cord can be ran to it, provided you have access to a receptacle. I had planned on running at least 2 batteries.Think i'll keep one strictly for starting and maybe for the radio to run a couple speakers without an amp.

But the boat will only be left in the water a few times a year over night so recharging every weekend won't be a huge deal. Though i'm afraid if they're to much past it they'll look goofy as *inappropriate language not permitted*. Btw, thinking i'm going to use a little bit of the surfboard idea for a bar and change it up a little bit.

I'm sure quite a few others can too but I mainly listen to Country music to reduce the profane language as to minimize those who may be offended.

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