This is a really cool Bimini and they are pertty easy to install on a carefree afternoon with a freind or two. The cost after installation was about the same as a new bimini frame and cover, the last time we installed one any ways. Outstanding Products, Pricing, & Service fromthe Professionals at Ameri-Brand Products Inc. Tulsa, Miami, Honolulu, Minneapolis, Colorado Springs and Arlington with quality Bimini Tops. Specifically, it is double polyurethane coated on the bottom, or down side, as well as UV protected and mildew protected.
For bimini tops, polyester was cited as the 'best value' by the Boat Owners Association of the United States. It is not just standard polyester, however, as it is marine polyester material that is double polyurethane coated, UV protected, and mildew protected, for extra durability and water proofing.
The material is designed such that although it is extremely waterproof, water vapor can permeate it.

In effect, it keeps water out, but lets water vapor escape, thus greatly decreasing the chances of mildew, mold, etc.
Anodizing is just a process that increases corrosion resistance and wear resistance of a metal. The fittings and hardware are all heavy duty nylon and stainless steel(mounting screws hooks, and eye straps).Please notice 2 extra things we add in as part of the deal. Many bimini tops come with 4 straps (2 for the front, and 2 for the rear).Ours come with that same thing, but we also give you support poles for the rear. The support poles add structural integrity to the top when it is up, given the inherent stronger nature of a metal pole vs a strap. This will also let you position the top in the 'radar' position, for easy deployment to full canopy. It is great for storage and keeps the top safe from the elements, as well as neat and organized. Please read the following.All of our bimini tops are 54" tall, which is standard for pontoon or deck type boats.

This height generally gives ample headroom, but does not get tall enough that it is flimsy.To determine which one of our tops you would like to order, first figure out how long of a top you need.
Our tops come in convenient lengths of 6',8', 10', and 12'.Then, determine the width of the top that you need.
Vortex Bimini Tops normally mount directly to the top of the rails (pontoon boat) , although they will mount to just about any surface, as they also come with side mounts. Vortex Bimini tops are extremely waterproof, so leaving them extended gives them the opportunity to collect water, and possible damage the railing due to excess weight. We recommend, when not in use, to store the bimini covered either in the 'radar' position, or collapsed position.

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