Looking for a Lake Lanier Boat Rental, Lake Allatoona Boat Rental or Lake Monroe Boat Rental? Related Posts:PONTOON BOAT RENTALS LAKE LANIERLAKE LANIER PONTOON BOAT RENTALSLAKE LANIER BOAT RENTALLAKE LANIER GA. Browse through our website to see everything we have to offer for your enjoyable day on Lake Norman. Each WaveRunner can accommodate up to 3 riders and is available for one-three hour rentals. If you would like to explore beautiful Lake Norman, a boat rental from Premier Boat Rental is the perfect solution. Put some great fishing amenities together with an elegant design and you get the JC Pontoon NepToon 23 Fish Pontoon Boat 2008. Decked out with an impressive list of standard amenities and enhanced by a decadent selection of features, the Sanpan 2200 BC Pontoon Boat 2008 is almost impossible to resist! When every trip you take out on the water is an expedition, then only the Premier Explorer Pontoon Boat 2008 will do! Nothing says a€?Ia€™m enjoying the good lifea€? like a carefree cruise on the Beachcomber 22 Cruise Pontoon Boat 2008. No need to choose between fishing and having fun a€“ get plenty of both with the Avalon CC Fish N Fun Pontoon Boat 2008. The ideal blend of fishing boat and luxury cruiser, the Aqua Patio 220 DF Pontoon Boat 2008 is stylish, comfortable and packed with features. Send out the party invites - Sun Trackera€™s Party Barge 27 Regency Edition Pontoon Boat 2009 is ready to host your next shindig.
All new for 2009, the G3 Sun Catcher Elite 26 Pontoon Boat 2009 brings the best of deck boats and runabouts together in a dual console tri-log pontoon.
Personality – your boat name should reflect your personality or at least the personality you have while out on the lake When you name a boat “party Barge” it’s pretty easy to infer what type of boating you prefer. Hobbies – whether you’re an avid fan of fishing, wake boarding, knee boarding or simply enjoying yourself out on the lake – utilize your hobbies to come up with a sensational name. Fun – we don’t know about you, but we figure it’s always good to have a little “fun” with the title of our boats. Play on words – a creative boat name that is a play on words, or a play on phrases is a great boat name. These are just a few suggestions we have to keep in mind when you’re sitting back, sipping a mai-tai and thinking about how you’re going to name your pontoon boat.
On Saturday, Mal and I joined Dave and Marie and their friends Tim and Angie for a day of fun and sun on Long Lake in southern Maine. At one point, we pulled up to a beach and did a little swimming while Murph and Mal played on the beach (like freaks).
And I didn’t want it to end—obviously because it was a blast, but also because I know it’s probably one of our last adventures this summer. A HUGE thank you to Dave and Marie for inviting us along and, of course, their AWESOME idea to rent a pontoon boat for the day. I love boat days – we had one last weekend and it was a total blast, got to hang out on a little island and (finally) try stand-up paddleboarding! My 2nd cousins live on a lake in Michigan and as a kid my 1st cousins & I would all go up from Ohio to stay with them for a couple of weeks. I’ll miss all the wonderful fruit and sunshine and not having to bundle up to go outside. Wow that looks like it was such a wonderful day – always so great to spend time with special friends and make some fab memories that will stay with you and always make you smile.
My friends and I just took a pontoon boat out in Nashville, TN and turns out it was the very same boat used in Little Big Town’s music video, On The Pontoon! Ok, so it cana€™t fly or stop speeding bullets, but it can give you everything you need for a great day of fishing (leta€™s see a superhero do that!).
Representing a new concept in environmentally clean boating, the Duffy M240 Pontoon Boat 2008 is sleek, stylish, functional, comfortable, versatile, powerful, and so much more.

Available in either a traditional twin tube or performance triple tube version, the NepToon 23 Fisha€™s deck is made from 7-ply pressure-treated plywood, giving you piece of mind while you are out on the water. Built on a StrataTech chassis and 25-inch tubes, the 2200 BC provides a reliable and safe ride every time. Ideal for the adventurous spirit, the Explorer lets you discover whata€™s waiting for you around the bend.
The Princecraft Vision 21 L Pontoon Boat 2008 is 21 feet of stylish fun, and the perfect way to spend the day or weekend on the water. Measuring in at 22 feet, the 22 Cruise can hold 12 enjoyment seekers for a day of good times on the water.
Boasting 21'6" of great times, the Batata Bay 2185 is well equipped to handle a day of relaxation or a party cruise with nine of your closest friends. Cruise, fish, hunt, camp, sunbathe, swim, relax, entertain, haul, transport, party a€“ these are just a few of the things you can do. An affordable full-size fishing model, the CC Fish N Fun also leaves room for other activities when the fish arena€™t biting.
Ideal for the active family or for lakes with size restrictions, the Spirit 16 provides plenty of fun, along with plenty of convenient features. With plenty of room to tie a lure, cast a line, and store the catch of the day, the 220 DF also gives you the freedom to choose to kick up your feet and relax in the sun. Boasting 20a€?2a€™ of pure fun, the SunCast 2185 can hold up to nine people, with plenty of room to sit and fish.
Offering roominess, comfort and luxury, the Party Barge 27 Regency Edition has what youa€™ll need to make parties, water sports or pleasure cruising the event that people cana€™t stop talking about. With more seating for more comfort, the Elite 26 offers a smooth ride and plenty of convenience. Okay let’s be honest, whether it’s your first, second, third or fourth boat – it is ALWAYS exciting when you’re purchasing your first pontoon boat.
A few of the best boat names we’ve heard of are “Aquaholic”, “Sea Breeze”, “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere” and the list goes on and on.
We took my dog Margot for her first boat ride a few weeks ago, and she (surprisingly) LOVED it!
We will put our experience to work so that you will have the most memorable, hassle-free boating experience available on Lake Norman.
Equipped with the Spec-Lock rail system, the Super Fisherman comes with what you need for either a fishing excursion or a day on the water with the family. Great for whatever water activity you have in mind, the M240 is a revolutionary cat-style electric boat that has been designed as the ultimate recreational platform. Plant yourself on one of this JC pontoon boata€™s bass seats to cast off, or get comfy in the captain's chair, complete with arms, slider, swivel and flip-up bolster. Like all Sanpan pontoon boats, this model also comes with the NextWave Electrical System and Total Comfort Seating System. When youa€™ve had your fill of adventure, this Premier pontoon boat has what you need to cast off, such as a fish center with aerated livewell, a rod locker and a trolling motor gate.
Made from 5052-H36 marine grade aluminum alloy, the Vision 21 L boasts stability below and above deck, thanks to its pressure-treated wood deck covered with marine grade carpet. And youa€™ll fill this Beachcomber pontoon boat to maximum capacity every time a€“ maybe ita€™s because of the four front lounges, full rear L-lounge, plush carpet and the full padded sundeck. Sitting on heavy duty H34 5052 marine aluminum pontoons, this Crestliner pontoon boat is sturdy and reliable. Sitting on large 25-inch tubes and an extra wide deck, the 20 Transportera€™s extra wide 8 A?-inch beam lets you carry all the provisions you need to get the good times going. For your fishing enjoyment, this Avalon pontoon boat comes equipped with four fishing stations, a large livewell and rod holders. Boasting the same great quality found throughout the rest of Mantioua€™s pontoon boat line, the Spirit 16 comes in a compact size and gives you the option of using an electric motor. If a prize catch is what youa€™re after, this Aqua Patio pontoon boat comes with a spacious livewell to keep your prize fresh all day.

Built with a smooth, rivet-free UniWeld hull, this Crestliner pontoon boata€™s welded tubes have independent, sealed bulkheads with top-mount ventilation, which enhance safety in case of a puncture. With room for 16 people, this Sun Tracker pontoon boat comes complete with a mid-ship and aft refreshment center, ensuring snacks and drinks are always refilled. A unique feature that comes with this Sun Catcher pontoon boat is the passenger console, which provides wind protection and an easy access cooler.
Haven (misbehaving) , Pier Pressure, Solitude, Playbuoy, Marlin Monroe and the list of great boat names reflecting personality goes on for a while. Our 3M vinyl is nationally recognized as the best in the industry – why settle for anything less?  Click here to get started or give us a call at 1-(888) 934-6578 and we’d be happy to help you! OMG, I watched them again this morning, and I am giggling in my office like a total goober.
We rented a pontoon boat when we went on vacation last month on the lake, which is funny to me because we live near 4 rivers and the ocean so there’s always a lot of boating to do.
For your comfort, this Crest pontoon boat has a deluxe bass seat with arm rests, as well as bucket seats and a midsection bench. Complete with two a€?SmartChargea€? computerized charging systems for the fastest charge and longest battery life available, this Duffy pontoon boat will never let you down. At the helm, youa€™ll find multiple storage areas, Bay Star hydraulic steering with tilt wheel and a quick-release windscreen, while at the stern is where youa€™ll find all of the comfort amenities. Other features include a changing room, chaise lounge, Bimini top, Sony CD stereo with two speakers, stainless steel five-step rear ladder and an oval table. Also on deck of this Princecraft pontoon boat is quality-made furniture covered by plush and heavy weight upholstery.
This Legend pontoon boat has a flexible and an open concept interior, giving you plenty of options for seating and storage. When ita€™s time to kick back, youa€™ll enjoy the plush matrix 50 seating and a Clarion CD stereo.
If the fish arena€™t biting, head to the change room and slip into your bathing suit for a refreshing dip in the water. L-lounge seating, forward lounge seating and fishing chairs give your guests lots of comfortable options, while the aft sundeck gives them a cushy place to catch some rays. Entertaining features include a padded sundeck with a pop-up changing room and bench, aft removable reclining chairs, a table with two mounting locations and a full-width swim platform with a folding boarding ladder. Perfect for entertaining, the Elite 26 has a full service galley and premium Sony Marine Entertainment sound system. Now that you FINALLY have the boat of your dreams, you’ve got another exciting task at hand – you’ve got to name your pontoon boat!
Other features include a built-in swim step and swim ladder, a spacious marine head, two patented Power Rudders and four comfortable benches. Get comfortable on two chaise lounges, the rear padded sun deck or captain's chair with swivel. Other features include a full-width rear couch with storage, deluxe driver's bucket seat, extra large bimini top and Performance-enhancing all-aluminium V-transom. Other features include a comfortable fishing seat, rod holders, full instrumentation, deluxe marine grade carpet and a chaise lounge. Other features include a Bimini top, boarding ladder, marine grade carpet and deluxe helm with custom panels. Other features include a swivel design captain's chair, removable ski tow, contoured Bimini top, lift-up gate and two deluxe helm seats. Since a boat is supposed to be all about the good times, good people and good vibes we wanted to make sure to make the boat naming process as easy as possible. A boat is just boat until it gets a name, once it gets a name it’s YOUR boat ready for some fun in the sun.

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