This basic model of this little fishing boat includes two integrated electric trolling motors with dual foot controls. The Twin Troller X10 comes fully equipped with Freedom Electric Marine's patented electric propulsion system and hands free foot control.
The Twin Troller X10 boat can move straight forward, straight backwards, make 90 degree turns to the right or left, or rotate 360 degrees in one location.
Twin Troller Boats are very stable due to the pontoon hull design and vacuum effect of their patented propulsion system. From passenger comfort to its unique hull design the Twin Troller offers best in class features and construction.
The Twin Troller X10 Duluxe includes all the features of the standard X10 plus plenty of extras to maximize your angling experience! Twin Troller Boats from Freedom Electric Marine come delivered to your door fully rigged, ready to hit the water with the Twin Troller Propulsion System, seats, and seat rails. Please review your purchase carefully and make sure it meets your needs before purchasing and authorizing shipment.
Compared to gasoline-powered boat motors, electric outboard motors provide quieter operation, no exhaust fumes and zero emissions.
When shopping for an electric boat motor, be sure to consider the size of your boat, the conditions youa€™ll typically encounter, and the amount of additional weight (people and gear) youa€™ll have on board.
The transom-mount Minn Kota Endura C2 30 is the smallest in Minn Kotaa€™s line of Endura C2 trolling motors. I am looking for electric motor for my zodiac which weights about 120 lbs and is about 10 foot long.

The independent foot control pedals and corresponding trolling motors allow this two man fishing boat to move in any direction depending on the amount and type of pressure placed on the foot pedals.
With hands-free operation and full variable speed control of the motors, adjusting for wind conditions is no longer a problem. The pontoons on each side of the boat contain recessed motors and provide outstanding boat stability in a small boat.
Electrics are great as the primary means of propulsion for small boats, a secondary means of propulsion for large boats, or in places where gasoline motors are prohibited or otherwise undesirable. It delivers maximum thrust of 30 pounds, sufficient to adequately propel craft of up to 1,500 pounds or 12 feet in length. By adjusting the amount of heel or toe pressure that you apply to the independent foot pedals you easily maneuver the boat to the location where you want to fish, and you’ll stay in that location.
In addition, the construction material used in the boats is actually lighter than an equal amount of water, which makes the boat virtually unsinkable. SURPASS® polyethylene, used both for the hull shell and the integral foam core, maintains high impact strength, from summer heat to -40 Degrees.
The cost for shipping varies by destination and has been pre-determined by the manufacturer per the schedule below. Because electric boat motors are often used for fishing, they are commonly called a€?trolling motorsa€?. The Endura C2 55 is capable of producing 55 pounds of thrust, which is enough to propel an 18-foot craft or a craft weighing up to 2,500 pounds. This 30-pound electric is appropriate for inflatables and small boats up to 3,000 pounds; it also makes a suitable sail boat motor.

The flat rate shipping cost will be added to the product cost at checkout based on the state to which the item is shipped. It’s easy molding characteristics allow the hull to be roto-molded in one piece, complete with features such as equipment trays and cup holders. Though we are reviewing the VariMAX V55 freshwater pontoon-mount edition here, most of our findings can be extended to other models in the VariMAX series. Like the Endura C2 30, the Endura C2 55 has a reputation for hassle-free, reliable performance and solid build quality. This motor will also accept power from solar chargers (Torqeedo sells one for $999) and onboard generators. A feature reviewers really like is the onboard GPS chip, which provides a continually updated range estimate based upon current usage. Variable speed adjustment allows the boater to incrementally increase speed via a dial, resulting in precise control and up to three times longer battery life than five-speed electric motors.
The user interface consists of a digital speed gauge that also indicates direction and remaining battery life.

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