Roodberg supplies Hydraulic boat movers,A slipway trailers (both towed and self propelled). The Roodberg Hydraulic Boat Trailer is a boat mover designed to launch and recover boats on a slipway, transport the boats over land and park them in a storage area. Instead of using a pulling vehicle to tow the hydraulic boat mover, Roodberg can offer a self propelled version. Both tractor and trailer are manufactured by Roodberg with the tractor being specially built to be semi-submersible. This 40T Roodberg Powered Slipway Hoist is a particularly useful piece of boat handling equipment. Pontoon Boat LiftsVertical Pontoon Lifts  Vertical lifts are ideal where you have a large water fluctuation. Our centre lift system lifts your pontoon boat by the stringers so you can operate in very shallow water conditions.
Marine Specialties, an authorized dealer of HydroHoist Boat Lifts, Wahoo Docks aluminum floating boat docks and gangways, serves Georgia and South Carolina lakes and rivers, including Lake Lanier, Lake Hartwell, Lake Allatoona, Lake Keowee and more. Keep your pontoon, speedboat, deck and dock protected with boat lift canopies and replacement canopy covers from Angola Canvas Co.

Custom-made to fit your boat lift, each cover is double-stitched to provide extra reinforcement against the elements, ensuring it will stand up against the harshest wind, heaviest rains and the glare of the sun.
Take a look at the pricing information below to get an approximate quote for your boat lift cover. Custom boat covers for ski boats, sport boats, pontoons, bass boats, lift canopies and pontoon canopies. Because it has an open U-frame design, including hydraulically operated variable width, it is the world's fastest way to handle boats. These particular pictures are of unit which operates on the Island of Texel off the coast of Holland. Because of the 6' of vertical lift they also work well in areas where high waves are a problem. With over 7500 custom patterns and the ability to use your existing cover as a pattern, we can take care of any need, from new boats to vintage craft. Whether you're researching a new boat, or are a seasoned Captain, you'll find The Hull Truth Boating & Fishing Message Forum contains a wealth of information from Boaters and Sportfishermen around the world.
All of our vertical lifts feature full-length carpeted bunks, easy adjust leveller legs & base pads.

This lift comes complete with levellers and adjustable foot pads.The aluminum pontoon lifts are available in 1,800 lb.
It uses the hydraulic facility of the pulling vehicle for all functions of the boat trailer.
Weighing approximately 18 ounces, these boat list canopy covers are incredibly easy to put up. Custom covers made from other materials are also available, as well as custom fits, designs and sizes.
The frame and the pads are independently adjustable in height, to keep the boat horizontal and vertical under all circumstances.
With your boat protected under a custom boat lift cover, the winds and rains will roll over the canopy and keep your boat sheltered. The hydraulic cylinders are specially designed and manufactured by Roodberg and all lifting cylinders are manufactured including built-in safety valves.

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