Outers Resort is located on a gently sloping shoreline that makes for easy access to your boat,and ita€™s a great lake front for a little fishing from one of our many docks.
Our eight rental units are in top condition, are all fully furnished and feature excellent mattresses on the beds. Our philosophy at Outers Resort is to help every person relax and enjoy their time away from the worries of everyday life. The kids (of all ages) enjoy swimming in our protected swimming area with its small sandy beach; picnic tables, grills, swings and a slide put the finishing touch on our park-like setting. We pride this resort on not only being as clean and nice as any other, but on being as friendly and helpful as possible. If you want to spend a week alone with your family or a week meeting new friends, you've found the right place. Our small resort is located in city limits which gives us easy access to groceries, restaurants and shops.

We have a central meeting area with benches and picnic tables that tend to turn into the happy hour spot whenever someone sits down. With a 90%+ repeat business you can imagine many of our customers old and new have formed wonderful friendships.
We do our best to help customers with any equipment problems they might have and will launch your boat on our private ramp with our 4 wheeler if you like. We also offer a small selection of the a€?hottesta€? pan fish tackle for the lake as well as a variety of Outers Resort clothing in our office.

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