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As the popularity of both wakeboarding and pontoon boats increases, it was only a matter of time before the two met. Aerial's unique goal is to deliver the same (or better) quality of OEM or custom but without the OEM or custom price tag. Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Southern California, Aerial Wakeboarding Products is an original brand created by a team of water sport enthusiasts to develop a full line of high quality, innovative, great looking and affordable wakeboard towers, speakers, racks, speaker light bars, biminis, mirrors and other quality wake tower accessories. When I was saving for my SN, my family members used to pretend that they were each, individually, going to go out and buy pontoon boats.
I wish there were more CC's around here, I know a few guys that have them but never go out. Unfortunately, the hugely popular sport of wakeboarding is not properly supported on pontoon boats which have low elevation tow points or ski tows.

Unfortunately, the height of stock pontoon tow points are just too low for proper wakeboarding. Although some have tried to copy our popular designs, they have also cut many corners that compromise quality, performance, longevity and safety. The tow rope drags in the water and, most importantly, dramatically limits the amount of air that can be caught after popping off a wake. Make the right investment in your boat and your sport with Aerial Wakeboarding towers & accessories!
It can be difficult to modify older boats, but Aerial makes it easy with high quality products and easy application! The F250 features a universal design with an adjustable width for an easy fit on almost any pontoon boat made in the past 15 years. Finally, with the Aerial F250 Pontoon Tower, you can inexpensively upgrade your boat with an extremely solid and safe wake tower.

We once managed to get half of all CC's in the country together! OK, now in numbers: 7 inboards total, 4 CC's, once my buddy brought his to my lake so we had 2 together. He said, you got the ski boat, when we want to go out skiing or whoever can go with you, other than that we can we swim, and float on the pontoon. Plus, you can expand the tower with space-saving racks for all types of boards and add incredible audio performance with Aerial tower speaker pods. Thank you for choosing Jet Thrust Performance for all of your powersports sales, parts and repair needs!

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