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Before we bought our South Bay, we took it to Detroit Lakes MN (about 45 miles straight East of Fargo) and the person who gave us the demo pulled the pontoon on a scissor lift trailer.
I finally have some pictures and this is a strange trailer It's a 2000 Hoosier and they still make this type. I"ve not had any real problems with mine, its not the best, but it was on sale for $59 last year, so I bought 3 of them, 2 on the pontoon (console and starboard bow trolling motor mount) and one for the jon boat also trolling motor mounted. There ya go, you caught me just in time so it"s just sitting up there now with one lag screw holding it , but that"s where it was, just 2 inches past any object on the downward travel, on the way up, I just ease it up to slow down the swing so it doesn"t knock off my transducer from the end of the toon. You know, something about that boat makes me really like it and I think its the headlights (docking lights).

Pontoon trailers usa serving the marine industry for 50 years offering single axle, tandem, and tritoon pontoon boat trailers and a large variety of trailer options.We sell new pontoon boat trailers. I am in the process of cleaning the toons and hopefully just cleaning the carpet for this year. Foreclosure ehh, humm, I might want to check into that, maybe I can get a motor that way - naaa, I better stay with the idea of a new motor. Harris FloteBote45 HP Evinrude2010 Galvanized Wolverine Bunk Style TrailerVacation on Otsego Lake, MI. I"d love to have a set like that mounted on my fence as I don"t even have the room on the bottom of the fence like yours. As you can see,  I have two depth finders, one on the console, other up front on the bow section starboard side (transducer mounts to bottom of trolling motor), both front chairs are power air pedestals, trolling motor is wireless.

On the console left side you can see the Trac anchor switches (pretty big) in front of the VHF radio.
You"ll also notice on the trailer stand, that"s an elecric winch there as well, rated dead pull of 3000 lbs, comes with 25ft of remote cable and switch.
I"ll be mounting a battery on the new trailer to supply juice, so I won"t have to have the wife open the hood to connect it up (too heavy for her to lift).

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