30 years experience in the marine industry therefore being able to service the customer with knowledgeable results. This web site and it's contents contains graphics and text that is the property of Road King Trailers. Due to the unique design of the OCTAGONALLY shaped pontoons, these trailers have been fitted with rollers to support the boat. These roller-style trailers require much less water depth than what is required with bunk-style trailers. The custom trailers available for Kennedy Pontoon Boats are manufactured by independent trailer manufacturers that are not associated with Kennedy Pontoons, Inc.
D-L roller bunks provide a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to upgrade bunk-style trailers to rollers.

Thank God I had sharp drill bits (3 different size bits for each hole) Just as I was finishing the last hole, again I hear HOW much longer!!!!!
Just wanted to brag on Papa's amazing boat ramp, built by his own bare hands, all in the name of fun.
The rollers work very well and all I lack in finishing the job is some stain to make it look professional. I have been looking for a method of easily storing a light fishing boat (Coleman Crawdaddy) on a floating dock.
I received the roller bunkers but had to wait a few weeks to install them and try them out. These guides are visible above the water line when reloading and alleviate the problems with getting the boat correctly centered on the trailer during the loading process.

Design specifications and implied warranties are that of the independent trailer manufacturer and subject to change without notice. Much easier to launch, and when trailering I don't need to back into the water as far and, they center the boat better when putting the boat on the trailer. This is due to the friction created between the aluminum hull and carpeted bunks of other trailers.

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