Wiring your pontoon boat can be a hassle when trying to use your old pontoon boat wiring harness. This entry was posted in Pontoon Boat other electricals and tagged Boat Electric, Boat Wiring, boat wiring schematic, EZACDC, instrument guage wiring, marine wiring, PontoonStuff by psblogs. Because we design, build and sell our pontoon boat seats directly, we can offer you the best prices on the highest quality pontoon seats. Our pontoon furniture packages make it easy to reconfigure the seats on your pontoon boat. In addition to marine electrical advice, we offer lots of marine wiring info about everything from shorepower installation to standard boat wiring colors. Your new LED lights will draw considerably less power than the old lights, so you can certainly use the existing boat wiring. Cut the brown and connect it to the tail light along with the brown in the four wire harness and the brown for the right side light, and cut the wire and connect it to the tail light ground along with the white wire in the four wire harness. At the left light, connect the yellow and white wires directly then connect the brown with tail light and the left side light wire.
If you want to ensure a good ground for the side lights, you may want to run a ground from them to the grounds at the tail lights. I have a 1994 20′ Alumacraft pontoon boat that a rat made a nest in the console and chewed some of the boat wiring in half.
Can I put the extra battery under the console and connect a red positive wire to the fuse panel then run a black negative wire to the battery and run it to the motor battery?
If you want to connect the two batteries together, I would recommend connecting them with the same size wire as your engine starting cable.

You are going to have a difficult time finding 22 gauge tinned wiring through any marine channels. Per the ABYC standards for Marine Electrical Wiring Systems, the smallest wire that you can use on a boat is 16 AWG unless it is contained in a panel assembly or it is the power lead for a device. Our New Universal Pontoon Boat Wiring Harness comes with everything you need to make re-wiring your boat a breeze. Make the best use of seating space on your pontoon with corner seats, lounge seats, benches, flip-flop seats, and other pontoon boat seats.
That is, if they don’t work at first, you may need to swap the wires to make them turn on. Keep in mind that your previous wiring probably failed at the connection points so multiple connections into this one will probably have the same result in a couple years.
I now have no power to the console to run any of my lights, radio, fishfinder, livewell pump, or accessory switches. I traced a red wire up from the floor to the fuse panel but do not see a place for a negative or ground to attach to.
Make sure you install circuit protection, circuit breaker or fuse, in the positive lead as close as possible to protect the wire. Our wiring system includes; male and female main plastic connectors, in-line battery fuse, and a 6 option fuse block, color coded wires that are pre-labeled for your convenience, waterproof shrink wrap butt connectors to help ensure your wires have a good connection and are protected from the outside elements.
The right leg of the V has the green and brown wire and the left left has the yellow and a second brown.

If they are not available, crimp the connections and then cover them with adhesive lined shrink tube. One of the chewed wires was a blue color for about 2′ and was spliced to a black aluminum wire then chewed in half by the rat.
Replace the fuse, if it still blows, trace the marine wiring from the switch to the lights to locate the short. This pontoon boat wiring harness has been designed so that anyone can re-wire their pontoon boat quickly and easily. The white usually connects at the tongue of the trailer and the trailer frame is used as a ground.
PontoonStuff also has these little micro LED’s that are very affordable and I love using them. Another item that’s very handy for dual battery setups (or more) is the VSR system if your outboard has at least a 16amp charging system.

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