The Fiesta Caliente was the first performance tri-hull pontoon boat to offer lifting strakes or chines placed on the inside of the two outer hullsA  & on both sides of the center hull. This Significantly increases performance, stability, and allows for a quicker response and tighter turning radius.
This RVL chine along with our machine formed hydroflow lift tunnels provide for an instantaneous lift for unparalleled hole shots and the RVL chines dig into the corners for a smooth tight turn in any sea conditions.

Today we are using our unique RVL technology which allow the boat to get up on plane faster, increasing top speed, &A  corner without a slide. This does not come with the used 60 hp motor which is pictured on it but you can buy the pontoon boat with the used 60 hp for $11500. From sailboats and speed boats to ferries and ocean liners, Boats on the Water introduces readers to different kinds of boats and ships.

Early Books) Boats 67.99 Illustrations and simple rhyming text present all kinds of boats--yachts toy boats tugs ferry boats and more.

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