Apex Marine at Buckeye Sports Center Ohio Apex Marine brings in 4 different levels of pontoons highlighted by the Quest LS Series- Quest LS is an affordable luxury pontoon with unique layouts and innovative designs. Galvanized HD single axle for 20 to 22 ft, 2550 lb carrying capacity, steps, hand rail, submersible lighting, winch, tongue jack, fully adjustable, 2 yr warranty, all on 185 x 13 tires.
Be the first on your lake to roll up to your ramp on an aluminum pontoon trailer from Pirate Marine.
2011 BENTLEY ENCORE 200 CRUISE SE in Somers Point, NJ GOOD MECHANICAL CONDITION, NEEDS A LITTLE TOPSIDE TLC. Options include: Motor Guide trolling motor, vinyl floor, individual seat covers, Lowrance fish finder and Stereo with CD Player. It has been taken out of the water 3 times for servicing and total cleaning, last performed in October 2014, otherwise it remains in the water year round. Dual axle 21 to 24 ft, carrying for 4100 lbs, surge operated disc brakes, steps, hand rail, 175 x 13 tires, fully adjustable with 2 yr warranty.
Also, the beam of a Lowe boat is extended forward when compared to competitors, making for much wider front decks and more overall interior space.

Compare the overhead picture and the bottom width of a Lowe to the competition and you'll see why Lowe boats are bigger on the inside, rider better, and are more stable than all other boats! Quest LS is still the only Luxury compact pontoon available on the market today- and you'll be surprised when you see the price!Why Consider A Compact Pontoon?While there are many reasons to consider a COMPACT pontoon boat from Apex Marine, there are particular situations where they truly shine: 1. Electric Only Lakes: Compact pontoon boats are ideally suited for lakes that only allow electric propulsion.
Electric outboards are limited in horsepower and will perform better on the smaller size and weight of a compact pontoon.2. Lakes with Horsepower Restrictions: Because of their smaller size and weight, compact pontoons perform better with less horsepower than larger boats. Easier to Handle: It's easy to become intimidated or aggravated with larger boats that can be hard to dock or put on a trailer, especially in windy conditions. In Lieu of Aluminum V-Bottoms: A compact pontoon boat can be just as versatile and affordable as an aluminum v-bottom boat, but much more comfortable to be on. In addition, a pontoon's flat deck allows you to get up and move around, has more room for coolers and gear, and sits higher making it easier to get in and out from a dock.6.

Anyone who has ever trailered a full size pontoon boat will certainly appreciate this feature.7. Many garage doors are too small for full size pontoons.PONTOON CONSTRUCTIONPontoons are Precisely Welded and Pressure Checked at the FactoryGuarantees tubes are free from leaks.
Tubes are sealed with a plug that can also be used to drain the tube in case of condensation or damage. This provides additional strength to the tube, protects against damage and aids in boat tracking. Nose Cone with Integral Splash Guard-Eliminates the need for weld on fins that can bend or break. Plywood is unsurpassed in its ability to provide a rigid, stable platform while offering natural sound and vibration dampening for a smooth ride.

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