However, just like in other secondhand items, you have to be aware of the risks involved when buying a used pontoon boat.
Now that we’ve covered some basic ideas about buying a used pontoon boat, still, the best way to find out if a used pontoon boat is worth your precious money is to check it out in person. The true test of quality manufacturing is a certification from NMMA, which guarantees that the manufacturer passed the factory inspection and used materials approved by the American Boat & Yacht Council. It will make better sense to have this on hand to make sure that you are not buying stolen property. Great tips for buying a pontoon boat and perfect timing now that winter is over and boating season is back! These two are true game-changers — the versatility and luxury of a high-end pontoon with the style and comfort of a traditional hull boat. The SES truly defines what Manitou is all about — maximum versatility, precision performance, and ultimate comfort.
The Legacy is often considered to be the flagship of the Manitou fleet, offering the perfect balance of performance and luxury.
When you experience the unmatched comfort and incredible versatility of the Encore, you’ll quickly understand why it is one of our most popular models. An entry level pontoon that offers more than most mid-level boats — the Aurora can be fitted with whatever bells and whistles you wish. Note: The price ranges shown do not reflect all costs including but not limited to freight, rigging, and taxes. Can you please tell me how to use HDPE tubes as floaters, and how to connect the pontoons to the structure. Indian River Marina’s relationship with Manitou goes back over twenty years making us the longest continual dealership in the state of Michigan and one of the oldest dealerships in the country.
The Sport Handling Package (SHP) delivers the ultimate in pontoon handling technology giving the user the capacity to thoroughly enjoy a maximum HP from 175 – 300. You can relax, go fishing, jump into the cool water, and simply enjoy the company of family and friends onboard. Like cars, pontoon boats also experience wear and tear and some needed repairs or replacements, and you may end up paying more in the end. This is the first and most important thing you need to check because you don’t want to buy a pontoon just for it to sink, right?
This is to check the pontoon boat underneath the surface and see if it’s overpriced or not. Cracks and tears on the furniture indicate that the pontoon was not carefully stored and you may have to spend on reupholstery. If you’re buying the pontoon through a dealer, they are obligated to show the proof to you.
You now have a full-length checklist of things you should take note of before buying a used pontoon boat. Investing in a Manitou brings big rewards—like a thrilling ride, smooth handling, unique features, and meticulous craftsmanship. What’s more, we didn’t sacrifice the performance that people have come to expect from Manitou because the fiberglass in these boats doesn’t add significant weight.
A smart screen delivers digital readouts and remote access to the wake tower, the fiberglass side gate has a friction hinge so it remains open at any angle, and every layout utilizes space in ways you’ll love. Even so, with six different leisure models and hundreds of options to choose from, we are confident that you will find the boat that more than satisfies both your dreams, and your family’s expectations. With five floorplans, and a literal boatload of features and options to choose from, there is nothing like it on the water. And while the Legacy comes standard with many enviable features, nothing about the performance, luxury, or unrivaled performance could ever be mistaken for standard.

The Oasis let’s you build, own, and enjoy the boat of your dreams at a very agreeable price. Start small with interior LED track lighting, or go big with a reclining helm chair and dinette table — it’s up to you! That’s why Manitou pontoons give today’s fishermen as many special options to choose from as we do on our standard boats.
The Encore Pro Angler has everything you could possibly need (and more) to hit the water with a frenzy.
It comes standard with enough storage, performance, and comfort to please both the serious fisherman and the serious fun-lover. But, don’t let the livewell and rod holders fool you, the Aurora Angler is still a full-on comfort cruiser. I have 3 solar panels of 130W each and 4 of N200 12 v batteries.I have an inverter for the microwave and coffee machine.
Whether you’re aiming to sunbathe in style on the water, fish in comfort with easy access to storage, show off some serious sports muscle, or kick back with family and friends, Manitou has the Pontoon boat for you.
Be it acceleration and turning, smoothness in ride, safety, or even something as simple as adding a few comfort elements to make the experience more enjoyable. Manitou has set THE standard for performance with their Patented V-Toon Technology resulting in the first and ONLY pontoon boat to be certified by the American Ski Association. We are always ready to take qualified customers on a demonstration ride on one of our performance Manitou’s.  Or maybe you just want to rent one of our nine Manitou pontoons for a day on the Inland Water Way. To achieve better performance, our Barracuda nosecone design and positive angle lifting strakes enable the SHP to withstand higher speeds and rougher water.
That’s the great thing about pontoon boats; they offer versatile uses for any water activities and are spacious enough to carry more passengers than other regular boats. Use the following checklist to figure out if the pontoon boat is as good as the seller claims it to be. Look for signs of cracks or patches on the stem, chines, and strakes because these suffer the most during a collision. If you feel any cracks, bubbles, waves, wrinkles, or other inconsistencies when you run your hands on the surface, it might be a product of substandard manufacturing.
If you are still on the fence, here are answers to a few commonly asked buying questions that may hopefully enlighten you.
As one of the best boat brands, we at Manitou build style and performance into every one of our Pontoon boats. In both the X-plode Xt and the Legacy Lt, everything from the deck up is crafted of it, creating boats that further blur the lines between pontoons and runabouts. And no matter what model you choose, you can always count on Manitou’s tradition of delivering exquisite style, luxury, and industry defining performance. Whether it’s for sport, entertainment, or simply cruising the waterways — SES provides the kind of experience that has made Manitou the industry leader. Add in our reputation for stability, reliable performance, and huge offering of standard fishing features, and you’ve yourself an optimal fishing platform.
Load it up with all your gear, and set out on the water for a day, or two, or three, of fishing fun. So while other Pontoon boat manufacturers tinker with simple upgrades to seat fabrics and color schemes, we’re continually innovating. Imagine a pontoon that accelerates, planes, and turns much like a traditional V-hull boat at high speed.
From luxury Pontoon boats that prove surprisingly affordable to fast Pontoon boats that combine safety with performance, we love coming up with new ways to delight our customers. Speed, acceleration and handling have been redefined by Manitou and their patented V-Toon Technology.

Come experience the stability of a triple tube with the performance of a V-hull when you test drive the best High Performance pontoon on the market at The High Performance pontoon dealer in all of Northern Michigan, Indian River Marina. Don’t find what you want in our stock, we’re ready to order any model you want from an entry level 18 foot Aurora to a 27’ SES with a 300HP Evinrude G2–a flat out untouchable performance machine. In addition, all Manitou SHP models come standard with SeaStar Power Assist Hydraulic Steering – giving you unrivaled control as you carve effortlessly across the water. The downside is pontoon boats can be expensive, BUT you can save a lot more if you set your sights on a used pontoon boat instead. As you navigate the waters, check how good the pontoon boat is in doing narrow and wide turns. Of course, it’s not necessary to find the “perfect” boat but if you know what to look for and what will need repairs, you can negotiate for a lower price. I think 4 panels and another 2 batteries would be better.Biggest draw of course is the fridge at 50W.
We like the recyclable feature.Hopefully we can make it fully solar powered, with minimal reliance on petroleum (if at all).
Think tritoon Pontoon with an ingenious twist—instead of building all three toons to uniform size, we made one toon larger, centering a 27" center aluminum tube 1.25" below the outer 23" tubes. Then use our Dealer Locator to find a knowledgeable Manitou Pontoon boat dealer nearest to you. Achieve higher speeds in rougher water with unrivalled control and at the same time virtually eliminates the “v-hull” slam in choppy water. No matter what you purchase from our stock or order your satisfaction is always guaranteed. It’s less expensive, plus if you are a great negotiator, the seller can include radios, ladders, lightings, and other pontoon accessories together with the boat. Even for the fundamental elements that make pontoon boats run, as long as they are not seriously damaged, many components are available for purchase in stores or online.
At Manitou, we design for all three—crafting Pontoon party boats with numerous amenities, the best fishing Pontoons for a relaxing weekend, as well as high-performance Pontoons that deliver peak speeds and deft handling for water sports.
From die-hard angler to the family weekend fisherman — Manitou has the right pontoon to more than satisfy your needs. Just through bolted across the tubes with an internal plate to brace (like a big washer but 100x100x12mm). From that research, we‘ve made precision changes to the design, fabrication, and placement of the tubes, so that they are capable of supporting much higher horsepower, and ultimately, deliver far superior handling.
It would also be advisable to let the engine run for a long time to check for overheating issues. More value for your money, and more happiness for all the boating trips you can take with your brand new used pontoon boat. Will get 4000 rpms but not sure what speed it is doing then, quicker than most!Weighs 7.5 tons all up with 1000L of water.
Nice to have never needed a a generator or motors to boost for 5 years - so peaceful compared to the others you hear chugging away at anchor.
Today‘s Manitou pontoons are available in two different hull configurations, and multiple packages — each one developed using this performance enhancing research and design.

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