If you're looking at new pontoon houseboats for sale, the first suggestion or recommendation that I generally make is to deal with an aluminum houseboat manufacturer that doesn't scrimp on quality components, and that uses extra large diameter floatation tubes. No one has ever heard a boater say that his pontoons are TOO BIG, yet you will frequently hear pontoon owners say that they're TOO SMALL.
When you combine two extra large diameter pontoons with multiple sealed bulkheads, you get a boat that is extremely fast due to reduced hull drag, very fuel efficient, and yet virtually unsinkable. From there it's simply a matter of choosing the boat size, the layout design, and various equipment options that fills your wish list. Maybe you want some extremely quiet fuel efficient 4 stroke outboards, or possibly a houseboat that is fully self-sufficient with watermaker, generator, solar panels, and a large inverter to power through those busy weekends with your friends and family.
Whatever size of aluminum houseboat that you are looking for, this is where I can help you get a custom quote and special prices from the best aluminum boat manufacturer in the industry.

Start a New Pontoon Houseboat Purchase HereWhen it comes to purchasing a new boat, you want to go to the leaders in the industry. We have negotiated special handling of your quote requests and have some special pricing on new pontoon boats here. So my recommendation is to start the project right, and order from a builder that uses extra large diameter pontoons as standard equipment.
Whether you want a small medium or large sized houseboat, the important first step (the hull) is covered.
You can order a low-cost standard model, right up to a fully equipped houseboat with every imaginable option or amenity. FACTORY DIRECT-New 24 Ft fish and fun pontoon boat This new 24 ft Grand Island G series pontoon boat is made by us here in Minnesota by us.

This is a striped down very nice model that comes with no options other than the furniture-bimin top carpet and steering cable. In our over 45 years of experience we have never been in an alumiumin monohull that rides better. The 550 Aqualine can powered by a 115HP EFI 4-Stroke OR FOR BETTER PERFORMANCE WITH SAME FUEL ECONOMY POWER IT WITH A 115HP V4 E-TEC. The deadrise is 20 degrees which is what gives the these the superior ride to other aluminium boats and the poontons give it the stabilty and positive floatation for safety.

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