This 2013 Suntracker 18ft Party Barge, with the 60hp 4stroke mercury, is in fantastic condition!!
2011 21 foot Suntracker Fishing Barge Pontoon boat for sale with a 60 horsepower motor and trailer.
2011 SUNTRACKER 25 Pontoon It`s time to wave good-bye to pool parties, and start hosting luxurious lake parties onboard the 25. This 2011 SunTracker 21' Pontoon is in fantastic condition.It has the perfect floorplan with plenty of seating for the whole family!! Beautiful Re Fitted 1998 Azimut 52 with an excellent layout and ahead turning exterior lines makes her a very elegant motor yacht.
Location: Lakeland Fl USA You will be better served by using thicker ply an fewer frames.
Pontoon boats require a rather robust and heavy deck structure that includes a bunch of cross beams.
Location: La Florida Before you invest your efforts and resources in this project you might want to visit TEOTWAWKI Boat to learn of the drawbacks I encountered. Location: Eustis, FL Agreed with the above, plus if you really want shallow draft, limiting your buoyancy into a couple of narrow 'toons isn't the best way to go.

Originally Posted by messabout You will be better served by using thicker ply an fewer frames. Originally Posted by spencer321 what do you mean by "barge like boat" like one large wide flat hull? Location: Eustis, FL Airboats are typically placed on jon boats or garvey style of hulls.
Location: melbourne fl Obviously im not a naval architect, I am however a comp science senior so I understand what your saying. Location: La Florida If it(TEOTWAWKI) were longer and the hulls spaced further apart, it would have worked much better. Location: La Florida Lack of flare at the bows makes for a very wet ride in choppy water. Location: La Florida The bow waves cross between the hulls where they pile up, hogging the hull like a suction cup holding it back.
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. You'll get less draft with a flat bottom, plus you only have to build one hull instead of two.

I read thru all 30+ pages of that build and it really is a scaled down version of what I had in mind, what im still not getting and I couldn't find was why it didnt work.
It's also easier to propel this type of hull compared to a pontoon style, which translates into better fuel efficiency too. Fiberclass pontoons and catamaran coaches for one example work great and are very close to flat bottom, why didnt that build work? If the arrangement allowed the wave cross to be behind the transom you would see a great improvement in performance.
I'm not offended by airboats, which typically have no deadrise, though the garvey hulls do have some in the forward sections.

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