Aqua Patio AP 240 SL Designed with rear-facing lounges contoured to be the ultimate in comfortable seating, the Aqua Patio 240 SL takes relaxation to a whole new level on GX50 soft-touch vinyl. Sport Cabin Twin 140 hp Suzuki 4 stroke, Bracket Mounted Hard Top WSide Windows, Acrylic Aft Drop Curtain. Not to hijack the thread but we saw four guys on the sky this weekend that came straight from the sportsman show with their new tooners. The problem you'll find is that, as Todd explained, you have two choices: a more expensive pontoon boat that will run nearly anything, or a cheaper pontoon boat that will be OK in most rivers.
I have a 9 footer from Outcast and it has worked great for me on the Sky, Sauk, Kalama, Satsop, etc. If you are planning to fish rivers, be sure to get a pontoon boat that has an anchor system and go for the sturdiest you can afford.I only use my 8 foot Creekside for stillwater and carry it in the back of my van partially deflated.
Northwest Boats 187 and new 207 Compass models sets a new and exciting benchmark in boating value. You can't stand up and fish from it like you can the boats from Skookum, but it is a lot less $ and a lot lighter.Like everyone says, depends on you use, but for me the "midrange" has been fine.

I will disagree with Todd on two parts: NRS is made in Mexico not USA and I very much question whether Skookum tubes are made in USA anymore. We offer new and used boat sales, boat repair, outboard boat motor repair, boat trailer repair, winterize, bottom paint and more. We have a great selection of new boats from some of he best brands of boats for sale such as Campion Boats, Northwest Boats, Sweetwater Pontoon Boats, Aqua Patio Pontoon Boats, Ez Loader boat trailers and Polar Kraft Boats. If you were a complete rookie on the sticks, you could go down the river in these boats without any oars.
We have new and used inboard outboard boat motors, boat trailers, Jon Boats, Pontoon Boats, Aluminum and Party Barge.
Might not be the best thing to do, but you can't sink one unless you hit something very sharp. You don't need to drop alot of money for a 10-12 footer, unless you're going to be using it alot.
With the money I saved, I was able to purchase a trailer so it is ready to go at all times.

With all of these boat brands and types we have a boat for sale available for almost any boater.
Ive drug mine through blackberries, winched it out of verticle canyons and it is a very good boat.
Unless you only will use it for tranporting yourself from point A to point B and plan on NEVER fishing out of or from it, a good quality 9 or 10 foot kickaboat (using oars or fins) will probably work fine for you.Not wanting to speak for Cupo (he has been very helpful too) but he had the bigger one man style and reverted to a lighter weight model because the bigger one was too heavy for his needs. Finally after determining your budget, match up what will fulfill your needs to see if your budget will allow the purchase you want. If not, save your money until you can afford what you need.In addition to the production boats already mentioned (Skookum and Bad Cat) you may want to look at Great White Hunters, Water Ready, and Andy and Bax.

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