Std Twin Tube Version — One size fits all on 18-28ft Pontoons, Equivalent to a 5800# Lift.
Triple Tube Version — Designed for larger Triple Tube Pontoons with large motor configurations. Good video, complete with dub step audio, shows us that pontoon boats aren’t just for sitting around and drinking beer. DRB is a top-ranked and respected source for the best in art, travel and fascinating technology, with a highly visual presentation. Connect with us and become part of DRB on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus; make sure to subscribe to our updates.
If I was out boating and that thing came out of the fog i would think we had been invaded by aliens. Seems to me such a design would be used as small-high-density goods transport for the military.
I think it's key is the flexible legs that react to waves so the craft can simply glide on top of the water rather than pushing its way through. Pontoon Boats at Bayside Boat Rentals can hold up to 10-13 passengers depending on the weight limit.

Rent your boat at Ocean City Fishing Center, located at 300 Bay Ave, in the big purple house, Ocean City, NJ. For reservations or additional info about our Boat Rentals, please call Ocean City Fishing Center at 609-545-8736. Be it acceleration and turning, smoothness in ride, safety, or even something as simple as adding a few comfort elements to make the experience more enjoyable. Soon the first pictures began to circulate on the internet (mostly by email) with the following text:"An entirely unheard-of, twin-hulled watercraft with no markings is photographed by a bystander in the Port of Ilwaco on the Washington State coast. Each rental includes a bait board, instructions, a knife, a map of surrounding waters, gas, a bucket, and safety equipment. Those guarding it refuse to answer questions about what it is, or where it came from." It was suggested it may be something Boeing is working on. But it also looks military in nature, so I don't understand why they'd need to make it so wide and tall.
The Triple Tube version also allows the pontoon to adjust the driver and passenger side individually. The cabin, where the pilot sits, is actually pretty small, so the payload of this ship couldn't be too big.

From that research, we’ve made precision changes to the design, fabrication, and placement of the tubes, so that they are capable of supporting much higher horsepower, and ultimately, deliver far superior handling. Today’s Manitou pontoons are available in two different hull configurations, and multiple packages – each one developed using this performance enhancing research and design. More sightings were made of the boat (in San Francisco Bay and around Anacortes), and their conclusion was:"The pictures are authentic and reveal the prototype of an inflatable power catamaran designed by Antrim Associates based on a concept by oceanographer Ugo Conti. According to Yachting Monthly, the experimental vessel is 100 feet long and 50 feet wide and powered by twin diesel engines mounted to the rear of the inflatable pontoon hulls. The cabin is suspended on flexible legs about 15 feet above and between the hulls, allowing them to glide independently over the service of the water. It is capable of crossing oceans with as much, if not more, stability than a normal catamaran."If this concept proves worthy, then we may witness the evolution of conventional boat shape into something entirely different (think along the "War of the Worlds" spidery lines). Below are the pictures of a huge ship, "HSV 2 Swift", a high-speed catamaran used today for mine countermeasures and as a sea-based test platform.

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