If you would like to make an offer, click Enquire Here and follow the prompts on the displayed page to submit a bid or Buy It Now.
If your offer is accepted by both parties or you have completed the Buy It Now process, you will receive a notification advising you of the next steps. From the all-welded V-Keel, which ensures even tracking while protecting the bottom of the pontoon, Godfrey Pontoons are engineered for speed and performance from the water up. Why do we spend so much time and effort overbuilding in areas you probably won’t ever see? The good news is that we’re not talking about ideas that are coming sometime in the future. People who do their boating on lakes and other inland bodies of water have long known something that coastal boaters have only recently begun to find out: For sheer comfort afloat, combining an ideal platform for swimming, lounging, and partying with enough speed and maneuverability to tow skiers, tubers, and wakeboarders, it’s hard to beat a modern pontoon boat.
Harris FloteBote won a 2013 NMMA Innovation Award for its new Crowne pontoon boat, which has some razzle-dazzle features like a power-lift arch and GPS-based cruise-control.
Unlike the old-fashioned kind that were basically just platforms fixed on top of two floating pontoons, the new designs often feature three pontoons (also called tubes or even “logs”) that are hydrodynamically shaped and efficient in the water, with the middle pontoon lower than the two outboard ones to promote banking and steering that can often rival that of monohulls.

The Cypress Cay LE250 shows the modern triple-tube design and shaped surfaces that promote maneuverability.
Combine that attention to detail with separate, pressure-tested pontoon chambers created by strengthening interior bulkheads, and you’ve got a solid foundation. The time for you and your family to enjoy the excitement of a Sanpan, Aqua Patio or Sweetwater pontoon is now. Combined with high-powered modern outboards, some of the new breed of pontoons can skim over the water at top speeds over 40 mph, making fast passages between home and fun zone. If you’re new to pontoon boats but like the idea of them, this will be a good place to start your research. They’re still relatively uncommon in areas where the water can get downright rough, but they’re certainly gaining momentum on the coasts. And the driving force behind our 50 years of success has been to pull together the best designers, engineers and craftsmen to create products that will excite you, thrill you and give your family the best ride possible. The chambered G-Force III Triple-Tube System, easy-planing tube extension, sport motor pan, full aluminum belly skin, a massive and dry in-floor ski locker, and aggressive lifting strakes of Godfrey’s Total Package are a good place to get your adrenaline pumping.

Meanwhile, inland boaters are experiencing increasingly refined fun aboard their pontoon boats, not only with higher speed and maneuverability, but with pop-up changing tents, enclosed heads, built-in coolers, outdoor cooking and refrigeration, and ever-better ergonomics in seating and swimming areas. Those features all contribute to the excitement by giving you more consistent control and superior handling at higher speeds. And, oh, by the way, Godfrey Pontoons let’s you enjoy all those things and more in luxurious comfort. Pontoons have come a long way over the years, and the Godfrey has developed many of the advancements that are making it happen.

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