Pontoon Anchor WindlassesFore and aft pontoon boat Anchor Windlass packages keep your boat where you want it!Pontoon owners need two anchors and two windlasses. OffshoreAll our new boats are delivered to you with COF, Buoyancy certification and Trailer COR. Answer: It is not recommended unless it is made specifically for boat transporting since the wind may blow it off or at minimum scratch your boat up.
Answer: If you have your boat shrink wrapped for transport make sure it is professionally done.
Alumacraft's 2072 Bay gets a Coastal Edition renovation that alters this monster of fishing boats into a delight. Practically every individual is aware of the fact that aluminum boats are built for fresh water sailing, isn't that so? I hear a lot of people talk about their horrible boat owning experience’s and how a boat will always be a maintenance nightmare. Getting your boat ready as regards appearance and repairs is the initial move towards finding a buyer for her.
This week I would like to discuss one of the hottest new devices to boating that has emerged in a long time Boat Command. Monterey boats has been building boats for over thirty years and their maturity is showing now like never before.
This is in a Pod thats mounted to the underside of the Swim DeckBoomersDad: We removed the Stock Rockford Amps.

But the Lights have the ability to change what ever color you likeSound and Lighting just round off and IMO only make time on the water better. It's a simple turn of the knob on the EQ, There is no reason to play music backwards to people who are not there.
In some cases the shrink wrap comes apart during transport and causes more damage than good.
Boat Command works by monitoring all of your boats vital systems and data and reports it you via your computer or smart phone. When fishing, swimming, or just relaxing with the perfect view, two anchors keep the boat where you want it. They also prevent boats from drifting away from swimmers and into other boats or shorelines.Pontoon Boat 24 Anchor WindlassMake your fishing & boating more Carefree by using the Class 24 Pontoon and Fishing Boat Anchor Winch.
But to do a quick break downWe are running 3 Amp's 2 JL M450-6's That power the Interior and the Transome. We carry an additional $200,000 insurance policy to protect you from any unforeseen events. Bennington and our dealer Nor Cal Master Craft have taken care of us with pretty much anything and everything that has come up.
We have done a bunch of mod's to the boat and Ill try to show you everything that we have done to date. This way you cant drain your starting batteryI also Added a Pro-Mariner 3 bank 20amp on board charger.I removed all the stock Rockford Fosgate interior speakers.

And Replaced them with Polk MOMO CoAx speakers.We Added a few extra speakers to the interior with a Grand total of 8 Polk MOMO interior Speakers Each speaker has a Plexy Ring around the speaker with RGB (color changing LED's)I was doing a Install on a friends boat and I got a chance to get his Orignal Clarion XMD5 Head unit and 2 Remote controls for a sweet deal. Also I can switch off the interior speakers.We spend alot of time in the water at the back of the boat. You don't want to have to blast the sound IN the boat just so it's loud enough in the water. Plus if some one wants to take a nap you can turn off the sound in the boat and still have sound at the back. I them made a grill that somewhat covers the speakers from the sun and elementsThe speakers are waterproof and have work well for me in other marine systems.This where one of the Remotes ended up. I made a waterproof pod that glued to the underside of the swim deck that holds the remote.
This works great for adjusting the volume with out having to get into the boat.I installed the 2nd remote (in the Cup Holder) just off the swim padThis is a great location for a remote.
If you laying on the sun pad you can adjust it no problem as well as sitting in the lounge.All the Cup Holders have the same RGB LED'sThe RGB's are great you can pick what ever color you like.

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