Bright orange end caps on these PVC guides give you a brighter target when loading your pontoon boat. Pre-Galvanized SteelPre-galvanized steel parts are stamped from a sheet of steel after it has already been galvanized.
I painted these first and then put the pvc tubes on and then installed them on the trailer. The picture shown above has the bracket mounted backwards from the instructions in the package.
I have read reviews on other guide ons where people complain of them bending, you WILL NOT bend these ones!
They attach to the rear of your trailer and extend out of the water, providing a visual target to center the boat's pontoons around. The galvanized steel support posts mount horizontally on top of or below your trailer's frame rail.

The edges of the pre-galvanized parts often lose their zinc coating during the stamping process.
Product is great and is a exactly what I needed in aiding me with the loading of my 24" tritoon boat.
I did receive them in a timely manner,I will save your email and will let you know how they work. Just slide the posts into the boat guide supports and secure the posts so that the distance between the bunks correctly matches the width of your boat. Because of the thinness of the coating less than 1 mm and the fact that the edges remain exposed, pre-galvanized parts can begin to oxidize and rust quickly, so its recommended that they be primed and painted. Whether the post is situated facing outboard or inboard is up to you, so you can mount it in whichever position best suits your trailer setup.
They definitely help take out the guess work and relieve stress when loading, for a new boat owner like myself.

I used it on my 22 foot off shore fishing boat trailer to act as a guide on the rear of the trailer when loading my boat. I made a call to their support line and received the 4th a few days later, no questions asked. I installed rollers on the inside and mounted my trailer lights near the top of the brackets to keep them out of the water when loading and unloading the boat.

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