I’m back from the Port Townsend School of Woodworking for over a week, now, but I wanted to write a little about the class I taught. I also had to  work through the building process in a way that students of varying skill levels (from talented beginner to pro) could handle it.
We used mortise paring guides; simple, shop made blocks with fences that helped guide the chopping – whether it was for straight or angled mortises – and then paring of the mortises. There’s no question that a router plane (I’m speaking mostly about one of the modern versions from Lie-Nielsen or Veritas) makes fitting tenons much more reliable. Hi Jeff – Are you still planning on making a DVD on the process you used to build this chair?
Immersive weekend, one-week, two-week and 12-week courses on hand tool woodworking, furnituremaking, cabinetmaking, woodturning, carving and traditional woodcrafts. Our mission is to inspire a lifelong passion for craftsmanship througheducation in woodworking and traditional building trades. A photo slideshow of students and their work from the last day of the Spring Foundations of Woodworking course. Eric Anderson shares how to make Kubb, a Scandinavian lawn game, and encourages you to get out your hand tools!
While the Washington Redskins are fighting to keep their controversial team name, it was presumed that high schools would begin disassociating themselves from the likeness. Some Port Townsend residents, including Native American and PTHS graduate Terri McQuillen, don’t believe the change was necessary.
It’s always a little disheartening to see something as longstanding as this affected by political semantics. Anyone who comments here should be able to name at least 50 of the 500 Native American nations, otherwise they prove that America does not teach the subject of Native American history and culture, and thus, those who comment on it without a proper education are giving opinions that reveal themselves to be ignorant.
Though I am not a Native American, and without doubt when Europeans showed up on this land they did all the things you say they did.
Did you know the man that gave the then “Boston Redskins” their name, was Native American? I have not seen, but I do not deny, that Native Americans are up in arms over the nick name of a High Schools sports team. Charles, everyone that lives in this country, except the American Indians (that is the name they are associated with, not Native American), came from another country as far as ancestry goes.
I have had the privilege of talking to a man who was, as he said half Indian and he said that all the Indian names, the Braves, the Indians, Red Skins, or the Florida Seminoles does not offend him in the least. Sorry Steven, the Boston Redskins were named by George Preston Marshall, an avowed racist. If for some reason you really have issue with non reservation facilities nicknames perhaps you should stick to reservation only issues as I am sure you do not want me having an opinion on anything that would go on there. Now if you really want something interesting to ponder perhaps you can explain how oppressive the Ojibwe people were to say the Sioux or Menominee tribes who were displaced from their Ancestral lands from Ojibwe expansionism in the 1500′s. Quite ironic that you bring up the Nazi symbol, the swastika, and speak of others being ignorant.
This further points to context being the key in deciding if a symbol or name is inherently offensive. Matt, very good point- I understand the history of the swastika but I still stand by the comparison. Talk about a bunch of liberal bed-wetter, panty-waists goody two-shoe, hall monitor, sissified dorks. I saw this go down at Miami University in Oxford, where my daughter went to college just up the road from us.
I think I’ll contact the NCAA and complain about Notre Dame’s name: “Fighting Irish,” I mean as an Irishman, this really offends me……………… Shouldn’t everyone be offended about something?
Perhaps, Whiteface High in Texas needs to be looked at next or maybe Round Eye supply in Georgia as I am sure there have been a few non round eye customers who were mighty offended.
Orrrrrrrrrrr we could just stop putting idiots and jackasses in positions of influence and power to cause problems.
After that, let’s start on those offensive names we apply to the immigrants to our country.
I missed another group that had its languages, religions, and freedoms forcibly taken from them — black Americans.
For those who think that I am bad-mouthing native Americans, I recognize the fact that the Oneida became known as the First Allies of the new United States. I’m a Native American and any name less than the race, show no respect to the people who welcome you with arms wide open and after what the Europeans done to us.
Port Angeles High School Roughrider Orchestra conductor Ron Jones acknowledges the applause following Sunday's performance with 110 young musicians at Carnegie Hall.
Just before changing into their formal attire are four of the 110 Port Angeles High School Roughrider Orchestra musicians about to perform at Carnegie Hall.
Members of the Port Angeles High School Roughrider Orchestra stand after finishing their performance.
Port Angeles High School Roughrider Orchestra conductor Ron Jones acknowledges the young musicians. Parents rise to take pictures at Carnegie Hall as the Port Angeles High School Roughrider Orchestra musicians return from a brief intermission.

PENINSULA DAILY NEWS Features Editor Diane Urbani de la Paz accompanied the Roughrider Orchestra from Port Angeles to New York and took the photos of Sunday's concert as well as writing the article at the left.Below her article (In addition to the photo gallery), see the "wall to wall" photo of the orchestra on stage at Carnegie Hall. NEW YORK — When at last the moment comes, when Carnegie Hall fills up with music, it's as if a door to Eden has swung wide open. Located near the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the site of a safe harbor, Port Townsend became an important shipping port in the late 1800s.
Named one of the "Top 10 Coolest Small Towns in America" by Budget Travel, FOX News, NBC News and Yahoo Travel, Port Townsend is gaining a national reputation for its authentic charm as a Victorian seaport and its maritime heritage, yet with a touch of urban chic. Make a life-time memory and treat yourself to an unforgettable experience in our beautiful city. Explore Port Townsend's parks, beaches and trails on foot or by bike. Dubbed the "Paris of the Pacific Northwest" by Sunset Magazine, Port Townsend area restaurants, bistros and cafes prepare delicious, local fare at its finest, fresh from the farm, field or sea.
1500 Van Ness St Port Townsend, WA 98368-6346(School attendance zoneSchool attendance zones are designated boundaries around public schools that determine student eligibility for attending a particular school. Minority enrollment is 16% of the student body (majority Hispanic), which is less than the state average of 42%. Port Townsend School District's 87% graduation rate is higher than the WA state average of 80%. Diversity ScoreThe chance that two students selected at random would be members of a different ethnic group. Eligible for Free LunchFamilies meeting income eligibility guidelines may qualify for free and reduced price meals or free milk. Eligible for ReducedLunchFamilies meeting income eligibility guidelines may qualify for free and reduced price meals or free milk.
I needed to make special historically inspired tools and jigs (Chairmaker’s saws and Tenoning Frames), develop some simple paring and chopping guides. I also had to prepare the “kits” of parts for the chair, which consisted of pre-cut rough parts for all of the components.
This only really affected the shaping of the crest rail, back splat, and saddle, which we were cutting on the band saw.
This ensured that the cheeks were flat and parallel, and once everyone got the hang of taking off just a little bit at a time, the fitting went well. One wedge was for the outward splay of the back legs (and it also helped lay out the twist in the side rails, the optional stretcher mortises, helped cut the angled tenons on the back rail, and also worked as a clamping caul for the back assembly). This coming year, I need to pull back on my out-of-town teaching, but will probably offer the class in my shop. Olsen, may I inquire as to just how one is to speak to a real Native American when they meet one?
My ancestors came from France, but during the French Revolution, they escaped to Switzerland and changed their name.
He is way more offended by the so-called Documentaries about the reservations they are living on. You are the one decades later still beating the drum of discord and doing so in an oppressive manner by placing limits on who can have an opinion here. So all of this is something we have to move forward from and stop acting like we are victims. The swastika was around long before the Nazi party and has been used by many religions, including Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism as a symbol of luck or well-being. Obviously, the Hindu swastika does not stand for the promotion of the Aryan race, as it did with the Nazi party.
It was an agricultural school for Native Americans located in north-central Oklahoma from 1884 to 1980. How about the Catholic Church, the cross was a symbol of tyranny in the crusades and perhaps it would be better if they changed their symbol to hmmm, an X or a O, yea yea a O.
Obviously that would not be a good Ojibwe school name but I think perhaps the Sioux would understand. From left, are Elizabeth DeFrang and Emma Smith, both 15, Mary Kheriaty, 14, and Kate Haworth, 15. Shop in the boutiques, stroll along the tree lined historic streets, and dine in some of the best restaurants around. Port Hadlock and Chimacum are within 10 miles, Marrowstone Island is 15 miles and Port Ludlow is 20 miles distance from Port Townsend making it easy to spend time doing the variety of activities each community has to offer.
The town grew rapidly on speculation as investors banked on Port Townsend becoming the largest port north of San Francisco. Meander through a museum, shop 'til you drop, dance up a storm, enjoy live music, attend a festival or just saunter through town.
Students whose homes are located within a particular school's attendance zone are eligible for enrollment. These guidelines are used by schools, institutions, and facilities participating in the National School Lunch Program (and Commodity School Program), School Breakfast Program, Special Milk Program for Children, Child and Adult Care Food Program and Summer Food Service Program. My goal was to get a class full of students to build a sophisticated chair using almost exclusively hand tool joinery. Then there were drawings of the chair, detail drawings of the joinery, and patterns for the shaped parts to create.
It’s not a universal replacement; as we saw with this chair, there are joints that call for other tools.

Much the same way that words meanings change over time, and the acceptance of the terms change.
When they landed in South Carolina, they had changed their names to the Americanized version. Instead of spending millions on making a documentaries about the living conditions and the abuse of alcohol by the Indian men, they could have used the money to help the children of those families they chose to interview. This enables us to speak freely without the restraints of oppressive simple minded people like yourself. I think it is safe to assume that this school does not discriminate against students of Native American decent. Before any of you take to pen to retort to my obvious attempt at humor of the ridiculous, this is about as dumb a topic for argument as I have seen.
Behind them is posted the day's program that includes the orchestra's bill of fare that included selections by Beethoven and other classical composers.
Ron Jones, director of the Port Angeles High School Roughrider Orchestra, brought his most devoted musicians here for the performance. Our Port Townsend Things To Do offers information on art galleries, restaurants, shopping, and great ways to unwind and take in a little history at the same time. Called the City of Dreams, the downtown waterfront was once an active seaport complete with chandleries, shipyards, commercial docks taverns and brothels. School officials determine and periodically adjust attendance zones based on community demographics and other local factors. We incorporated what is now years of my work developing methods, jigs and systems for cutting complex angled joints with accuracy and repeatability. Even though these are considered the standard tools for this job, shoulder planes take a lot of practice to use effectively when fitting tenons, and there were more than a few of these joints that had to be patched and reworked as students got the hang of the tools. It seems a little strange to me that in the name of political correctness we must change the names of these teams.
I for one cannot name more than a handful of tribal names yet I can still have an opinion and I’ll be damned if I will let anyone place limits on when I can speak on a subject. If there is evidence that it does, lets get the school board to focus on that first, then change the name. I am more offended by teams that promote religion like the San Diego Padres or the New Orleans Saints. So I agree with Rex, especially if there is someone on the Notre Dame team of English ancestry.
I take offense to that blatant use of a serious acronym for a very real issue to be used as an email address.
This type of suppressive behavior is exactly the opposite one would expect from someone of a, so called, suppressed people.
Attracted to the blend of history, rugged natural beauty and inexpensive property, people came to start businesses, pursue art and restore the town. The restoration efforts have preserved Port Townsend as a Victorian seaport with a vibrant downtown historic main street shopping district and a historic uptown residential and small commercial district. The city is now a thriving community where inventors change the future working out of historic buildings, artists gather to live and work, and entrepreneurs launch new businesses that contribute to the ever-expanding opportunities in town. I do not want to be labeled a racist, oppressive inhumane person because of my skin color, ethnicity or heritage. The year-round line up of wooden boat festivals, kinetic sculpture races and film festivals keeps Port Townsend tourism jumping from January though December.
I would hope that would also mean I would not want to be a victim for life of the same abuses because of my skin color, ethnicity or heritage. I grew up in South Jersey, high school teams like Lenape, Cherokee, Shawnee -all proud powerhouse schools.
Look up and don't rush, he told his 26 cellists, 23 violists, five bassists and 56 violinists.On Sunday afternoon, in white tie and tails, Jones ascended the podium. Been here beforeConcertmaster and Port Angeles High School senior Erin Hennessey is the only one of the students who had been here before. She played with such verve as an eighth-grader that she was given a special invitation to join the Roughrider Orchestra on their trip four years ago. Then, as the musicians beamed, Jones shook the hands of as many students as he could get to before they all left the stage. Sunday evening would not be one of rest for the musicians, though: three plush tour buses whisked them off for a dinner cruise around New York Harbor. Then came an ice cream and karaoke party hosted by Jones, wife Debbie and the 25 chaperones.
They will return home Tuesday, flying to Sea-Tac International Airport and then boarding school buses back to Port Angeles.

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